Founded by Rodney Stewart in 2005

Jpm Films Worldwide started out life as a videography company. Unfortunately i was never formally trained in video production so a group of friends and i got together and began filming random skateboard videos to give me footage to practice editing. This lead to our first online video series Worthless Insanity which was originally released on YouTube between 2007 and 2011. During this 5 year period we worked on multiple client jobs such as weddings and promotional videos for local businesses.

Jpm Films Worldwide started making regular videos on YouTube in 2012 making review videos, video blogs and short films. 

At the beginning of August 2017 Jpm Films Worldwide was relaunched as Jpm Films Worldwide Entertainment Network.

The network consists of 2 YouTube channels Here's Rodders Vlogs and Here's Rodders Reviews.

Short Film and short series content is available on Vimeo channel Jpm Films Worldwide

There are 3 audio podcasts available on Soundcloud and iTunes. The Here's Rodders Podcast which is a motivation and inspiration podcast focusing on YouTube, Indie Film and general chat. This is a podcast i began to practise as a motivational speaker. The Here's Rodders Reviews Podcast is a sister podcast to the YouTube review channel. The newest podcast is called Stories of Ireland in which i hope to interview people from all over Ireland.

In time i'm going to begin a podcast network giving others a free platform to share their work.

I'm also going to extend the network to other creators to help produce their content to give them a place to be seen.