Podcasts are back


Lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time re editing my Vlogs and review videos to work on the Facebook platform which means I’ve had to postpone creating new Vlogs and Reviews so that I can get YouTube and Facebook video working together as one.

Upside to this is its gives me a little time to put some more work into some of my podcasts during rendering and uploading videos. It’s been a great chance to pre record some episodes to cover incoming weeks especially with my trip to America only a couple of weeks away. 

Current upload schedule is Wednesday 8pm GMT for The Here’s Rodders Podcast and Thursday 8pm GMT for Stories of Ireland. 

For Stories of Ireland I’m hoping that I can begin to get guests on the show to share interesting and funny stories, or maybe local Irish legends or ghost stories. If you or anyone you know would be interested in getting on Stories of Ireland feel free to email the show at storiesofireland@gmail.com with the subject line “podcast guest”

If you are a content creator or indie filmmaker I’d love the chance to get you on The Here’s Rodders Podcast. For that email rodders@jpmfilmsworldwide.com with the subject line  “podcast guest”

My current studio set up if fully Mobile and can be set up in a matter of minutes so I can travel to record interviews. Or I could also work interviews over Skype calls.

This is an area of content creation I’d love to spend more time working on.  

Big Love Rodney. 


Going Multi Platform


When we start out as creators we generally see ourselves as one thing. Maybe you see yourself as a filmmaker or a Podcaster. Or maybe you see yourself as the next big YouTuber.

Point is we almost all fall into the trap of only doing the one thing. That’s ok if that works for you. I thought that a few years back. I had a YouTube channel that was starting to reach a point where it was beginning to start paying out the first of its ad revenue. I was thinking yes this is starting to work, but I was wrong.  See no matter how hard you try you can’t please everyone. Biggest problem the channel had was I was creating content that was varied, I had videos, podcasts, short films and event video projects. Subscribers coming in for one kind of content were leaving again because they weren’t getting the content they came for on a regular basis. 

Kiss of death for the channel came with my short film Conclusions. It was a story based on suicide awareness which brought on some extreme backlash. I’ll not go into much detail on that as most of the conversation took place via email and DM’s. Everyone is entitled to privacy and as a serious creator I intend to take privacy policy seriously. 

What I can say is people can get really nasty when you create content on suicide awareness no matter now tastefully and respectfully you deal with it. I fully respect the feelings of anyone who has ever had to deal with the effects of suicide on their families. A great deal of the backlash to Conclusions came from some people that had supported the channel for years. They were behind me 100% as far as Vlogs and podcasts went but when it came to this short film they were enraged. Some started trouble, others stirred the trouble and one was intent on shutting down the channel. That’s all the info I can give you without breaching privacy. 

I’m not bitter about it. In fact I’m glad that it happened as it showed me the weakness I had as a content creator. I’d put all my eggs in one basket. All the projects that had been supported were now under threat by one project. 

I made the choice to pull the plug on that one channel before I got shut down. Better to restart on the stronger business model than get potentially barred from YouTube due to a small group of people. Conclusions has proven to be the most expensive short film I’ve ever made. It cost me a 10 year old channel and my faith in the church and it’s people. 

I’ve now realised that the best way to at least try to make it as a content creator is to go multi platform. If you are only putting your content out on one platform you are only reaching one audience. 

If you simply share a video to Facebook from YouTube you may get some more views but you almost never get those viewers to subscribe on YouTube, but what would happen if you uploaded that video directly to Facebook? You are now reaching 2 separate audiences on 2 separate platforms. What if the audio from your video could work as an audio podcast? You could upload that to soundcloud, iTunes or another podcast sharing platform. There you go. You do the work once and share it out on multiple platforms to multiple audiences. 

You are now working smarter not harder and reaching more and more people than ever before. Plus you are safeguarding you content as your eggs are no longer in one basket. Think about going multi platform with your content it’s been the best decision I’ve made so far.

Big Love Rodders  


Consistently create your content.


This is probably something that doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway. You really need to try to be consistent in creating your content whatever it may be. I’m still not great at being consistent myself but it’s something I’m getting better at the longer I do it.  

If you are interested in creating online content you really need to aim to upload at the very least once a week. The algorithm for YouTube right now favours creators that upload more regularly. Now I know this will most likely bring up the old argument about quantity over quality but in reality if your trying to make a mark in online content the truth is that if you are not cranking out content on a regular basis you are pissing into the wind. 

You can go for quantity without sacrificing quality. It’ll just take a bit of time to find your routine especially at the start when you are trying to balance work life and family life with the work you want to do.  

In reality you may only find a window of a couple of hours in the evening to work at your content so it’s important to find a way to make the most of those few hours. At the beginning we all tend to get into a habit of filming, editing then uploading one project at a time.  I’d recommend pre recording as much content as possible in advance so that you can bank some uploads. If you are aiming to upload once a week and if your content isn’t time sensitive you could record a few weeks content in one sitting, that way you’ll get into a habit of always being a front of your work. This way if work or family life needs more attention you wont be falling behind on your online work. It’s worth remembering that if you have already been building a following online and you take a month off you in reality give yourelf a setback of at least 6 months. A year off could also kill a channels following completely. 

Its different for everyone and you need to find what works best for you but if you are serious about doing something like this there is no reason at all why it can’t happen for you as long as you are consistent.

get out there and make your content. 

Big Love. Rodney  




A reason to start a YouTube channel


There are a mountain of good reasons to start a YouTube channel . I’m going to be doing a video series on it soon on my vlog channel.

One of the best reasons to start a channel is that it’s an incredibly good educational experience when trying to find your audience. It’s a great way to learn what you can and can not do legally when it comes to creating videos. When I started my first YouTube channel back in 2007 I made every mistake in the book. When the partner program was opened up to everyone I jumped onto the creator academy to see what I could legally do. Honestly a lot of it is common sense but there were also a good few things I’d not even considered. 

Also when starting a YouTube channel we tend to assume who is going to support us. I know I did at the beginning, I’d create content that was catered towards people I knew in a way I thought they would enjoy. I’ve found that almost all of the support I’ve had on my channels have come from all over the world. The least amount of support is from my own country and friends. That sounds really sad but true. In all fairness that is the Northern Ireland mentality, we don’t tend to be overly supportive of each other. 

Thats a really hard pill to swallow but one truth You’ll be glad you discover early in a channel. It gives you the freedom to create your content free from the worries of what people will or will not like. You’ll be able to find your own voice instead of trying to please people. As long as you play by the rules you stand to eventually begin to make an income from your content as you find the viewers that will watch and encourage you along the way.   

Starting a channel properly can be a very long process but one that will be very fulfilling in the long run. In fact some of my favourite memories from creating online content haven’t come from the money making side of it. They’ve come from the personal connections and experiences people have shared of the content I’ve produced. One man shared with me that one of my earliest series Worthless Insanity helped him stay positive through his cancer treatment. He said it gave him something to look forward to every week. Having lost both my parents to cancer that meant the world for me to hear. Another short film I was involved with Weapon of Choice gave one of my friends the courage to get herself out of an abusive relationship. 

Get yourself out there and make your content and above all be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not.  People will watch you for you.  

Big Love Rodney. 


Do it for the Love not the money


Ask a successful creator what their secret is they will tell you that they use their passion and love alone to make everything and that they would make it for free if they had to. Don’t let making money be the one reason why you start as a content creator.

Think about that for a second. Don’t let making money be the one reason to start? They’d create for free if they had to? We can all understand using your passion and love. The sceptics among us will always say “Of course they say that. They are making a living from the content they make”

Here’s the thing. All those successful creators were once in the same place we are. Not making money. Working a full time job then going home to start recording videos or podcasts. No one listened to or watched their content in the beginning. Just like all of us they from time to time wanted to quit out of frustration. But here’s their secret. They didn’t use making money as the reason to keep going. They let the passion and love they had for creating content keep them motivated to keep making things for the 5 or 6 people that always listened and watched. Another thing they did when creating all their content was to make it as if they were already making money. They allowed for the possibility of one day they’d make it to where they are now. 

So get up make your art and upload it for the love of doing it and creating in a way that can be monetised one day. Eventually your audience will find you, watch, listen and support you.

You never know. One day you could be that person that new creators look at and think “I wish I could be like them. 

Big Love Rodney  



Make your content sustainable


If you are considering becoming a content creator it’s important to build a strong foundation. Best way to do that is to begin with content you can keep sustainable. 

If you are serious about succeeding at content creation such as YouTube or audio podcasting you will need to work around a full time job as you build your content channels.

One of the biggest mistakes I made at the beginning was to start out creating content that needed at least 3 people to make. Being a content creator it takes a long time before you start to make an income from it. Unfortunately that generally means that people that start out with you tend to drop off along the way as life gets in the way, and that’s ok. They need to look after their own financial well-being first.  

Best thing to do at the beginning is to create content that you can make quickly and easily on you own such as personal video blogs or reviews as I do. This way you will have a foundation that is built on your own sustainable content that doesn’t need massive amounts of planning or people to pull off. 

Its worth keeping in mind that once you do begin to create bigger pieces of content that requires more people to make. The followers and subscribers that content brings your way will be expecting that level of content on a regular basis, so I’d really recommend that you only jump to that level once you are certain that you can make that level sustainable. 

We must walk before we can run.  

Get out there and start creating your content and enjoy the journey. Most importantly have fun with it.

Big Love Rodney.  

No straight line to success

I recently seen a video where Jay Shetty used a brilliant example. Thought I’d share a version of it with you. 

Everyone would love to be successful and they would love it to come easily. We imagine a straight line towards where we want to go but there is one thing that will inevitably happen. We will encounter resistance along the way. There will be ups and downs. When this happens we start to lose our motivation and we may decide to give up. But think of life like this.  

Think of a heart monitor. When we are alive the line is all ups and downs. 


But what does it mean when the heart monitor shows a straight line?


That’s right. A straight line only happens we we die. 

If we are experiencing ups and downs we are living life. You can do anything you want to do just don’t stop too long because there is another thing that is inevitable in life. The straight line on the heart monitor will happen to us all.  

Dont let em stop you

Big Love Rodders  

Why the change to Entertainment Network?


For years I’d work off the brand simply being Jpm Films Worldwide but in the last couple of years I felt there was a change needed. After all you do need to change to get where you want to go. 



I’ve a wide variety of interests when it comes to creating content. Originally when I launched the Old Jpm Films Worldwide YouTube channel it was intended for short film content only but there has never been the output to make that kind of channel sustainable. When I wasn’t doing that I’d make review videos as well as Vlogs and very once in a while audio podcasts, plus there was our original online series Worthless Insanity. 

The channel had become cluttered with so many different types of content subscribers that were coming in for the short films were leaving because that wasn’t happening. Everything needed it’s own place so that was one reason I made the switch to Jpm Films Worldwide Entertainment Network. 

The other reason and the one I’m more excited about is that I hope one day in the future I could perhaps help other creators launch channels of their own. See the network is only me right now using 5 different outlets to upload my content but why should it just be me. I’m thinking back on how hard it is to be seen starting out and how frustrating that gets. I’ve seen multiple creators with unreal talent give up over the years because they feel no one is watching.  

I’m still a long way off this but I’m hoping when I grow my content to a big enough level that I can use my channels and website to help new creators have a place to showcase their talent as part of this network. 

Its a dream that I hope will come true one day. I know what’s it’s like to struggle alone for the most part to get seen and would like to be there to help others not feel that way.  

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Big Love Rodders

Biggest project to date


As an indie creator you always dream of making a massive project but in reality when you sit down to write something you tend to try and craft projects around the budget you don’t have. I find myself normally writing on an extremely small scale only allowing for things I know I can get my hands on. This aspect of indie is annoyingly restrictive but unavoidable when you have zero budget to work with. 

Frustrated with this reality I decided some time ago that screw it. I’m going to write something that is beyond the scale of what zero budget can do. that’s what Masquerade is. 

The idea is an ex police officer turned private investigator returns to his home town in Ireland. On arriving he finds out his childhood friend has been arrested for the massacre of 17 people. Starting his own investigation with an unlikely sidekick he uncovers a sinister organisation hiding in plain site.

Originally this started out life as a short 10 minute film idea but i wasn't happy and thought it needed a little more. I started to rewrite the script which lead to a 45 minute script which seemed like a good first episode to a longer series. This will be a series i'll have to try to pitch as in in sheer size it's far to big to produce on my own.

This project right now is sheer pushing whimsy. I’ve no idea if this will ever get made but you never know to you try. 

I think that after 7 zero budget shorts it’s time to stop screwing about at a zero budget level when it comes to film. 

Here’s to the law of attraction. I’m putting it out there. Let’s see when it goes.  

Big Love Rodders  


Destination USA


When I launched the new vlog channel on YouTube I wanted to do travel videos on it. The first of these were local videos of Ireland under the banner of Explore Ireland. 

Today I released details of an upcoming trip I have to the USA. At the end of September I’m traveling across to Indiana to visit a pen pal I had as a kid. Check out the first video in a new YouTube playlist here. 



I’m excited to finally get across to another country and shoot some videos of the journey. I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a lot more traveling and vlogging as I go.  

You can subscribe to the vlog channel here. 


I’m doing my best to keep up with daily uploads. Please feel free to get involved with the channel and hit me up in the comments. 

Big Love. Rodders