Semi retirement from Indie Film


Yes indeed guys I’ve made to decision to step away from actively making short films. Throughout the last 2 short film projects I’ve been experiencing a whole load of stress and strain and doing a whole load of soul searching. 

The source of the stress came from trying to find a balance in all the things I was trying to juggle it get those 2 projects finished. 

The partnership program on YouTube if dealt with in the right way realistically could fund future short film projects but working full time and the required amount of time I needed to make my last 2 shorts ultimately struck a critical blow to YouTube.  

I’ve been reaching out to other creators in a similar position who use a similar approach to mine and asking how they handled this. I’ve gotten awesome advice which helped me reach this decision. I’ve had a couple of creators looking at the website and the current YouTube set up as well as the analytics from the previous channel and my social media. They asked some really interesting questions and gave a good few pointers from an experienced perspective. Good thing is splitting Reviews and Vlogs into 2 different channels has been a great decision they’d have recommended to do.

See I’ve not been looking at Jpm Films Worldwide properly. The analogy one creator used was that I see everything as a separate piece. It’s either filmmaking or YouTube or podcasts or speaking engagements. To get one thing done I drop my effort of the other. 

The advice was simple I was told straight forward what the problem is. I tend to put the work in where the engagement seems to be. If people are into the films but not YouTube I’ll jump at the films hard and forget the videos as they don’t seem at all interested in them. 

The advice was to do what’s best for me and stop seeing everything as different parts and see them as one singular entity. YouTube along with the audio podcasts is the foundation which will in time lead to speaking engagements. Without this foundation I can’t go to film. Film has to work round the rest.  

I asked what about the engagement in film over the rest? The answer was simple. “F**k Them” “If they can’t support you on the small things then they are not in your corner at all” 

I was honestly taken by surprise when I heard this one but it is true. I have when I think about it really noticed that. The active supporters on the film projects have never shown up on vlog or review based content. That content is the potential bread and butter of the future of Jpm Films Worldwide.  

There we have it. From here on I’ll be concentrating firstly on YouTube and audio podcasts and let the rest come from that.  

Big Love. Rodders

Working on Podcasts

Today I’m working on 2 existing podcasts  


This is my current solo set up for The Here’s Rodders Podcast. I started this podcast as a way of practicing speaking as I’m currently working on a good few public speaking talks. 

There is a second podcast called Here’s Rodders Reviews which is the audio version of the YouTube channel of the same name. 


Right now I’m working on a third audio podcast called Stories of Ireland which will be launched at the beginning of May 2018. I’ve already secured the domain and email for this new one. All that’s left to do is finish up the artwork and it’ll be good to go. 

All podcasts are free and available to listen to on Soundcloud and iTunes.  

Please check them out. 

Big Love. Rodders. 

Trying to beat my mental block

I love to talk a lot of motivation to inspire people but sometimes i find it hard to take my own advice.

It's the start of 2 weeks off from work and i've finally got the time i've been needing to get on top of my online work. This is always a very eye opening time for me. I get to see the potential that YouTube, Podcasting and Short Films really has. If i put full time hours into this i could be making a good living from creation within the next 3 years.

But how can i put full time hours in to it if it'll take a few years to build into a liveable income? How will i pay my bills over that period of time if i'm not working full time?

I was always taught that i should not give up one job to another is there to take its place. That is great advice but i'm sure you can see the problem it has left me with. It's a real mental block that i'm having to try and get past.

It's really hard to try and get the time to properly build the future i want as i'm currently working 45+ hours a week before i get time to even think about creation. Those hours don't leave much time for anything else especially with the physical nature for my work i'm usually pretty tired after work. I'm sure with a good few sleepless nights i could probably make it work but that would inevitably lead to burnout.

Here's hoping i can beat this mental bloke and get up the courage to do what i need to do. One thing is for sure i;m not getting any younger.

Thanks for stopping by 

Big Love. Rodders



A truly motivational life


I’ve been very unmotivated after we lost little Chloe earlier this month. As I said in my last blog my usual way of dealing with something like this is to jump into creating videos but this hit me extremely hard. 17 and a half years having this little bundle of energy around us is a huge loss.  

I’ve spent the last week looking through old photos and videos of Chloe and remembering the good times. She was there with me during the break up of my marriage and her energy was extremely motivating. Likewise with my parents and my brother her energy always helped and brought smiles to their lives too.  

Even though she’s gone while watching the old videos and looking at photos I found myself with the same old happy smile.  

She was always extremely motivating with her contagious energy but I’ve started to see her final days as some of the most motivational of her little life. It was really really hard to see her little body starting to fail her. Arthritis was starting to take her back legs out of action in the last weeks but she had the same strong puppy spirit she always had. She would fall over and instead of staying down she would pull herself back up and keep going. Even in the final couple of days if she fell over and couldn’t manage to get up she’d look up as if to say prop me up. We would life her on to her feet and off she would go once again. But I’m the end her little system was just ready to rest. It was finally that time.  

As hard as it was to watch this happening it was probably the most important thing this little dog ever taught me. So many times in life I’ve let myself be stopped in my tracks by setbacks. The only thing little Chloe let stop her was her own death. 

When I look at her photos and videos now I’m reminded of that contagious energy that she brought to my family and me and think I need to live life with that same energy.  

As long as we wake up each day and have the energy to stand up there is nothing that should stop us from going after what we want.  

Mourning Chloe is far from done but I think the best way to remember her is to get creating and chasing my dreams again.  

She didn’t let anything stop her and neither will I.  

Thank you Chloe. 

Extended break from creation


On the 13th of February 2018 the day I’ve been dreading for the last couple of years finally came. After 17 and a half years of devoted companionship our little dog Chloe passed away. My usual way of dealing with this sort of thing is to jump head first into shooting and producing videos but this time I’ve been truly floored with this loss. 

This little dog was a real class act that got under the skin of everybody in my family in a way I never expected when we first got her. She was only a few months old when my ex wife and I picked her up. We seen an ad in a local paper “Free to good home”. Reluctantly I went with her to see these dogs, I wasn’t hot on the idea of getting a dog. We arrived at a house and the people brought us into their kitchen and opened a door to the utility room. A stampede of 6 little energy filled fur balls flew into the kitchen. As we were getting licked to death by these pups out of the corner of my eye I seen a 7th little nervous and timid brown and black pup was sitting on her own in the corner. Chloe. I asked about her and the owners said she was the runt of the litter and the rest were bullying her a bit. That was the decision made for me this little one was coming home with us. 

Chloe came out of her shell and became a little ball of energy too. She was never really a clingy puppy, she didn’t jump up on seats to sit with you but when my marriage ended and Chloe stayed with me She changed and became very clingy and attached to me. I couldn’t do anything without her trying her hardest to snuggle into me. It was almost as if she knew I was hurting and wanted to make me better. This is a quality in her I seen throughout her life. 

She had also gotten under the skin of an elderly neighbor of mine, one which I didn’t really know. We’d only spoken briefly in my time there. I remember when I’d decided to sell my house and return to my parents house I took Chloe there a few days before I was due to leave the house. The elderly neighbor asked me one afternoon what had happened the little dog. I explained she was ok and just away ahead of me. He was heartbroken thinking something bad had happened her. Turns out when I’d been at work he was taking Chloe for walks and giving her treats for months. I wasn’t aware of any of this. 

Chloe really began thrive at my parents house she became my brother Stephen’s shadow you’d never see one without the other. My father built her a little pen outside our house with him not being well and in chemotherapy we really couldn’t let Chloe get to close to him but he’d always slip down and give her treats and she’d Never pass the house when going for walks without stopping to check in with him. When he died she stopped wanting to stop at the house. Stephen told me the other day that a few days after his funeral He had walked up to the graveyard with her and let her off the lead. He’d stopped to talk to someone and when he looked to see what she was doing he said that Chloe was sitting at the side of our fathers grave looking at it. She wasn’t shown where the grave was located but somehow she’d found her way to it as if she knew where he was. 

It was a similar story with our mother and when she passed away Chloe’s little heart broke with ours. With both my mother and father passing away for a solid month Chloe had a tear rolling down her left cheek. I swear I’m not making any of this up.  

She was also incredibly gentle with children. She had boundless energy and had no problems in using it on fully grown people. She would knock you on your backside if you were not ready for her jumping up on you. But if my nephew or niece were to get close to her she would be incredibly gentle. I don’t know if it was simply a size thing or she knew if she used the same energy on them as she did with us she’d hurt them. Either way it wasn’t something we’d trained her to do. 

She was more than just a pet she was family. She knew exactly who needed her and where she needed to be. She helped me through the break up of my marriage. She helped my parents in their final days and she became my brothers exercise partner and best friend. 

I never expected the impact this little dog would have on us when I first seen her. 17 and half years was not enough time to prepare my brother and I for the loss of her. She’s left as big a hole in my lives as my parents did.  

It’s going to take me personally a long time to get past this. For now I need to take a little down time and a break from creating video content. I like to try and motivate and inspire with my content as best I can and right now my motivation isn’t high.

Chloe was the closest thing I had to having a child of my own and I feel as though I’ve lost a child not a dog. I know my brother Stephen feels exactly the same way. 

Rest well Chloe..

You did you duty well and we’ll love you always.  




Almost a daily vlogger


Since the new year I’ve been trying my best to record a little bit every day. I’ve always got my little Canon G7X mark 2 in my pocket ready to film at a moments notice.  

I really curious to see what 365 uploads can do on YouTube this year. I’ve missed a few days but the plan is to make up the days with  multiple uploads when I can. 

If you’d be interested in joining me on this challenge you can by subscribing on YouTube and hitting the little bell icon to be notified when I upload. 

Remember subscribing does not mean you have to pay anything. As always my content is 100% free. 

Hope to see you YouTube. I upload some videos to Facebook but to see everything YouTube is the place to be.

Big Love Rodders

Happy New Year


Hey guys.  

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant new year.  

Its January 1st the usual time for thinking about the things we want to do differently than we did last year. For me last year was a year of endings. Everything I was doing professionally found a new beginning. I had some business plans in place that just were not working.  

Last October I reset just about everything as far as online production was concerned. The online world has changed so much in the last year and Jpm Films Worldwide had to change along with it. I no longer have everything in the one place. I’ve expanded my content across not just YouTube but also Vimeo, Soundcloud and iTunes. 

Now that a new business plan is in place I’m ready to hit 2018 really hard. I’ve set myself the challenge of hitting at least 1 result a day across all social media platforms. Also I’ve set myself the challenge of getting my health to a better place.  

Last year I kicked cigarettes and a dependency on painkillers. That’s right after years of prescription painkillers due to a spinal injury I ended up on the verge of addiction. I’m determined to not take painkillers again so the only alternative is regular exercise.  

It’s gonna be a very interesting year. I’m looking forward to regularly uploading video blogs in trying to successfully make this year the best one yet.  

I invite you to join me on this journey and hopefully I can motivate you to do something for yourself too.  

Big Love Rodders

Looking for inspiring and motivational guests


I've always made a point of continually educating myself to try and better myself in producing new content. I'm currently working my way through some online courses and while not doing that I'm usually researching and reading books on the kindle related to film and online video.  

A true way of learning to get better in my books is to actually talk to people that are already doing their thing. I'm currently looking to get in touch with people who are not just doing it but actually living their dreams. I'd like to interview people in the form of audio podcasts or if the interviewee is comfortable I'll also video the interview.  


I think this would be a great mutual opportunity for both myself and the person being interviewed. 

Listen to the new podcast where I go into a bit more detail

if you'd be interested in being interviewed about your story please get in contact via email

big Love


JPM Films Worldwide Relaunch date


It's been a while since JPM Films Worldwide has been producing on a regular basis. I was meant to go in main channel production a few weeks ago but I've been working on few business models that's kept my hands full. 

Fear not. On February 10th I Relaunch both the YouTube channels into regular uploads. On the same day I'm launching something very special on the website. I may give away a few clues on the weekly podcast then again I may not. You'll have to listen in to find out. Either way February 10th will be the first step in a fresh new chapter in JPM Films Worldwide. 

Big Love


Launching a new layout this weekend


As I said in the last blog I'll not be uploading the short films to YouTube. There are a good few reaseons for doing this but really it is a calculated move to protect the different types of content I make.  

By necessity The JPM Films Worldwide YouTube channel became more of a regular review channel simply because it was the content I could produce regularly as the short film content is only a once in a while thing. The short films become buried under all these review videos so they deserve their own place to live. 

They are now on The JPM Films Worldwide Vimeo page.  

I'm also dropping all JPM Films Worldwide updates from the YouTube channel. I've noticed that a lot of opinions people have come directly from drawing a conclusion simply from the video titles and not the actual video content. I had a long conversation with a friend last summer that made it drasticly clear that he had absolutely no knowledge of any on the info I'd put out on the last short film. 

I'm thinking it would make the work on the YouTube channel a lot easier and quicker without wasting time updating.  

Ive had a simple plan for funding the film content. Id love to grow the channels to the point where the ad revenue alone could cover production of my small scale projects. It's very possible but will be a long long journey to get them there. 

Conclusions and the 2 follow up shorts are on a very sensitive subject which will without a doubt offend a lot of people, trust me I've more then enough private messsges and emails telling me so. As a YouTube partner I'm under a lot of rules from Google. They have a very strict community policy for what you can and can't do, 3 community Strikes and you lose the channel. Lose the channels and I personally lose 5 years of work and the possibility of earning from the review vids. It would be as simple as a single person being offended by these 3 shorts to shut JPM Films Worldwide down on YouTube. 

So there you have it. It's just the smart thing to do for the future of the sort of content I want to create. Reviews and vlogs over 2 YouTube channels. All updates on online video and indie film on the sound cloud podcast. All the short films on Vimeo. Outside of all the online stuff I'm also trying to spinning a few more plates to earn a better living to free up more time for the short films. On top of working full time I'm working with a company called Simply Naturals through which I could eventually set up my own hours to accommodate the film work.  

Basicslly I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Made that mistake a few times now. Trust me when you lose that basket your screwed for far too long.  

Big love