Why the change to Entertainment Network?


For years I’d work off the brand simply being Jpm Films Worldwide but in the last couple of years I felt there was a change needed. After all you do need to change to get where you want to go. 



I’ve a wide variety of interests when it comes to creating content. Originally when I launched the Old Jpm Films Worldwide YouTube channel it was intended for short film content only but there has never been the output to make that kind of channel sustainable. When I wasn’t doing that I’d make review videos as well as Vlogs and very once in a while audio podcasts, plus there was our original online series Worthless Insanity. 

The channel had become cluttered with so many different types of content subscribers that were coming in for the short films were leaving because that wasn’t happening. Everything needed it’s own place so that was one reason I made the switch to Jpm Films Worldwide Entertainment Network. 

The other reason and the one I’m more excited about is that I hope one day in the future I could perhaps help other creators launch channels of their own. See the network is only me right now using 5 different outlets to upload my content but why should it just be me. I’m thinking back on how hard it is to be seen starting out and how frustrating that gets. I’ve seen multiple creators with unreal talent give up over the years because they feel no one is watching.  

I’m still a long way off this but I’m hoping when I grow my content to a big enough level that I can use my channels and website to help new creators have a place to showcase their talent as part of this network. 

Its a dream that I hope will come true one day. I know what’s it’s like to struggle alone for the most part to get seen and would like to be there to help others not feel that way.  

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Big Love Rodders

Biggest project to date


As an indie creator you always dream of making a massive project but in reality when you sit down to write something you tend to try and craft projects around the budget you don’t have. I find myself normally writing on an extremely small scale only allowing for things I know I can get my hands on. This aspect of indie is annoyingly restrictive but unavoidable when you have zero budget to work with. 

Frustrated with this reality I decided some time ago that screw it. I’m going to write something that is beyond the scale of what zero budget can do. that’s what Masquerade is. 

The idea is an ex police officer turned private investigator returns to his home town in Ireland. On arriving he finds out his childhood friend has been arrested for the massacre of 17 people. Starting his own investigation with an unlikely sidekick he uncovers a sinister organisation hiding in plain site.

Originally this started out life as a short 10 minute film idea but i wasn't happy and thought it needed a little more. I started to rewrite the script which lead to a 45 minute script which seemed like a good first episode to a longer series. This will be a series i'll have to try to pitch as in in sheer size it's far to big to produce on my own.

This project right now is sheer pushing whimsy. I’ve no idea if this will ever get made but you never know to you try. 

I think that after 7 zero budget shorts it’s time to stop screwing about at a zero budget level when it comes to film. 

Here’s to the law of attraction. I’m putting it out there. Let’s see when it goes.  

Big Love Rodders  


Destination USA


When I launched the new vlog channel on YouTube I wanted to do travel videos on it. The first of these were local videos of Ireland under the banner of Explore Ireland. 

Today I released details of an upcoming trip I have to the USA. At the end of September I’m traveling across to Indiana to visit a pen pal I had as a kid. Check out the first video in a new YouTube playlist here. 



I’m excited to finally get across to another country and shoot some videos of the journey. I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a lot more traveling and vlogging as I go.  

You can subscribe to the vlog channel here. 


I’m doing my best to keep up with daily uploads. Please feel free to get involved with the channel and hit me up in the comments. 

Big Love. Rodders

Classic film and tv 7 days a week.


Heads up if you enjoy YouTube or audio podcasts. I’m currently hitting classic film and tv review based content on YouTube, Soundcloud and iTunes. 

In a bid to help fund future indie film and online series projects I’ve went back to my roots of review content. I love getting the change to create indie projects but unfortunately it costs a lot of money out of your own pocket to do so.

There is a support option on my website through Patreon but the best way for me to fund these projects is to produce free to consume content for you guys. All you need to do is subscribe for free to YouTube or follow the podcast version on either Soundcloud or iTunes. On YouTube I need you to watch the entire video. Hits no longer help in pushing videos up the search engine, the algorithm favours watch time only. 

Right now I’m working through 3 classic box sets. 



Realistically if I can build the channel It could support creation through the YouTube partner program. Plus there is always the option of sponsorships on all 3 platforms. 

It wont all be classic tv and film though. As often as possible I’ll be sharing as much entertainment news as possible.

You can subscribe here. 


Here are some thumbnails of other upcoming series on the review channel.



I look forward to see you all on the channel. 

Big Love Rodders.  

Reviews kicking off hard


It’s been a rough few months as far as editing goes. My current editing suit is feeling it’s age in a major way. I’ve been using the Mac Pro constantly for around 8 years now, it was an incredible buy at the time and serves me insanely well. But time and Apple products don’t tend to fair well, the system is suffering badly under the weight of updates.  


Thankfully though I think I’ve managed to get the system to a point where I can continue to edit the review based content I create for YouTube. I’m really looking forward to getting back into these videos once again, they had great earning potential back when I had the old Jpm Films Worldwide YouTube account. 

If you are into film and geek culture in any way I think you will enjoy the review channel. The channel when running at ifs full capacity will have everything from trailer reviews, new movie reviews, classic films. TV old and new and entertainment news as much as possible.  I should say thought that the videos won’t have any third party content. They will simply be me reviewing the content. The audio of the review channel is also available on Soundcloud and iTunes 

You can subscribe and watch the reviews here  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJB0BRC0c8Tc23rbbkQ_2Ew


Big Love Rodders.

Keep yourself safe online


This probably goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Never trust an email link when it comes to your personal information. 

For the 5th time this year I’ve received an email claiming that there is “Suspicious activity” on my apple account. Usually goes the same way. “Follow this link to confirm details”

This isn’t just for apple it happens all across the internet. If you open these links they look really official. Looks like the real site but that means nothing. Anyone with any simple computer experience can in a matter of minutes copy any web page and make it look real. 

Anyway the page you will end up on will ask you to fill out a form with all your personal information. Basically you are giving full access to your credit card or debit card to whoever is on the other side of this link.  

Each time this happens instead of following the email link I log into my Apple ID and each time there has been no sign of “Suspicious Activity” 

I’ve seen too many people falling for this scam. I hope this helps someone somewhere. 

Big Love



Collaboration is a 2 way street


It’s always hard when you try to start off as a content creator. Doesn’t matter if you are a YouTuber, Podcaster or Indie Filmmaker. In truth it applies to everything. 

Most of the time you’ll have likeminded people coming to you asking you for help. For me it’s usually “Will you shoot this for me?” “Will you edit this for me?” “Will you direct this for me?” “Will you produce this for me?” A good few times I’ve been asked to do all 4 on one project every time without the option of payment. These are all good opportunities and they should be taken when offered but only if the collaboration goes both ways. 

All too often you’ll end up doing a lot of work on someone’s projects and end up falling behind on your own work. From experience I’ve learned that a lot of people will be more than happy for you to do work for them but they won’t show to to help you on your content. 

Be aware that this can and will happen to you. The major difficulty we all face starting out is we have so much we want to create but we are all trying to create from out of our own pockets. For years we will lose more money than we make.  

Dont allow yourself to be taken advantage of at this beginning stage. Take every chance that comes your way but make damn sure if you are doing work for free to help someone that they return the favour to you.  

Collaboration goes both ways guys. Set your boundaries and build strong relationships that will mutually benefit you and everyone else.

Big Love. Rodders

I’m not done with film


You know there’s nothing worse in life than someone that makes decisions based solely on assumptions. Heard today that after my last blog post that “I’M DONE WITH FILM” 

I’m here to let everyone know I’m very far from finished with film. I’m just redirecting my focus to online video and podcasts as that’s where the business has its foundation. You can’t make indie films if you aren’t making money to fund them.

In this blog post I thought I’d share my latest podcast in which I read through a rough draft of one of my scripts SENTINEL. Hope you enjoy.





Semi retirement from Indie Film


Yes indeed guys I’ve made to decision to step away from actively making short films. Throughout the last 2 short film projects I’ve been experiencing a whole load of stress and strain and doing a whole load of soul searching. 

The source of the stress came from trying to find a balance in all the things I was trying to juggle it get those 2 projects finished. 

The partnership program on YouTube if dealt with in the right way realistically could fund future short film projects but working full time and the required amount of time I needed to make my last 2 shorts ultimately struck a critical blow to YouTube.  

I’ve been reaching out to other creators in a similar position who use a similar approach to mine and asking how they handled this. I’ve gotten awesome advice which helped me reach this decision. I’ve had a couple of creators looking at the website and the current YouTube set up as well as the analytics from the previous channel and my social media. They asked some really interesting questions and gave a good few pointers from an experienced perspective. Good thing is splitting Reviews and Vlogs into 2 different channels has been a great decision they’d have recommended to do.

See I’ve not been looking at Jpm Films Worldwide properly. The analogy one creator used was that I see everything as a separate piece. It’s either filmmaking or YouTube or podcasts or speaking engagements. To get one thing done I drop my effort of the other. 

The advice was simple I was told straight forward what the problem is. I tend to put the work in where the engagement seems to be. If people are into the films but not YouTube I’ll jump at the films hard and forget the videos as they don’t seem at all interested in them. 

The advice was to do what’s best for me and stop seeing everything as different parts and see them as one singular entity. YouTube along with the audio podcasts is the foundation which will in time lead to speaking engagements. Without this foundation I can’t go to film. Film has to work round the rest.  

I asked what about the engagement in film over the rest? The answer was simple. “F**k Them” “If they can’t support you on the small things then they are not in your corner at all” 

I was honestly taken by surprise when I heard this one but it is true. I have when I think about it really noticed that. The active supporters on the film projects have never shown up on vlog or review based content. That content is the potential bread and butter of the future of Jpm Films Worldwide.  

There we have it. From here on I’ll be concentrating firstly on YouTube and audio podcasts and let the rest come from that.  

Big Love. Rodders

Working on Podcasts

Today I’m working on 2 existing podcasts  


This is my current solo set up for The Here’s Rodders Podcast. I started this podcast as a way of practicing speaking as I’m currently working on a good few public speaking talks. 

There is a second podcast called Here’s Rodders Reviews which is the audio version of the YouTube channel of the same name. 


Right now I’m working on a third audio podcast called Stories of Ireland which will be launched at the beginning of May 2018. I’ve already secured the domain and email for this new one. All that’s left to do is finish up the artwork and it’ll be good to go. 

All podcasts are free and available to listen to on Soundcloud and iTunes.  

Please check them out. 

Big Love. Rodders.