New policy for collaboration 2019


Collaboration is an essential part in growing as a content creator. Unfortunately opportunities to collaborate with other creators are few and far between where I’m currently located but I’m always on the lookout for good mutual partnerships in a collaborative way. 

As I enter 2019 I’ve been reevaluating the way past collaborations have gone. Each of them have been good for experiences and I regret none of them but most of them haven’t really given me the results I’d have hoped for. Keeping this in mind I’ve come up with a new policy moving forward with my own regular creation as well as looking for collaborators. 

From here on I’ll only consider collaborating with other creators based on if they are 100%  serious in really giving what there want to receive. You see in the past I’ve had more than one experience where I’ve given a lot of help to others without getting anything in return. I will only collaborate with people who are regularly active and respectful on my YouTube channels and podcasts. That way I’m getting the benefit of views and listens that cost the other person absolutely nothing and they get the same from me. 

Let’s make this a year that wil mutually benefit us all. 

Big Love Rodders. 

New year new goals


It’s almost that time again. New year. It’s a time when we reevaluate our goals and start to make a load of New Years resolutions. We are going to change everything and make this year the year everything is going to be different. I know I usually end up doing it but most of the time I end up slipping back into my old ways.  

I’ve high hopes for 2019. I’ve already made a positive step for the new year by signing up to a personal trainer to keep me accountable in getting my arse back in shape. I was thinking earlier. Why is it we only do this at New Years? Why can’t we or don’t we do it at any other time? I think we should make it a regular thing to set new goals not just on New Years but monthly. How about weekly? Daily? 

Each new day is another chance to try again. We tend to let our own negative thoughts stop us from trying new things and worse still we let negative opinions from others stop us.

Truth is the only person we have to live with is ourselves so doing what makes us happy should be our top priority. So how about we all have a go at making more regular resolutions and keep trying. I know I will. 

Big Love Rodney  

Phase 4. Here we go again


We all like to think we know it all but I’ve found it’s when we think we know it all that’s the time we should take a moment to reevaluate what we are doing. Remember the saying pride comes before a fall. 

I thought I had it all figured out at 3 different stages in the journey of Jpm Films Worldwide. I was wrong on all 3 occasions. Worst thing was all the time wasted figuring out my mistakes but at least I have worked out what doesn’t work instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It’s important to also realise our own shortcomings both professionally and personally. A lot of us when starting out tend to develop a sort of arrogance in our work in the early days but that’s something we get rid of as we mature. I do still have a good bit of work to do on myself as I’m moving forward but I think I have a better idea of doing things better. 

“I think” is I believe a mature way of looking at things as I begin phase 4. Online content creation at this point is very unpredictable and thinking we know it all is very arrogant. We really need to keep a mindset of always learning as we move ahead in any arena. 

As i work on this new phase of Jpm Films Worldwide I’m confident that this has more potential for success than the first 3 phases but I’m not stupid enough to say “this will work”. It could very well prove me wrong but the only way to know for sure is to try.  

Keep chasing your dreams guys and don’t every be too proud to keep going when you want to restart. You are never to old to reset and change direction.  

Big Love Rodney  

The art of self censorship


This is going to be a weird one to write. Every now and then people give me suggestions for videos and podcasts. The majority of these I don’t take which I realise may come across as me being perhaps difficult to work with. That isn’t it at all. After creating content on a few different online accounts since 2007 and keeping up with all the changes happening online in recent years I’ve become increasingly aware of what can and cannot be done in online creation. 

As we’ve seen in recent days even Christmas songs are now being classed as offensive. I’m all for keeping things in good taste and having the net being a place where people are treated respectfully but it has to be said today’s PC culture is getting absolutely ridiculous to the point where freedom of speech is starting to be taken away. 

In this current climate online it’s become more important than ever to develop a self censorship mentality if we as creators are to survive with online content creation. It’s unfortunate but essential. Having said that how are we to create new cutting edge content or film if we are constantly walking on eggshells worrying if we are going to offend people? That’s the question and right now there really doesn’t seem to be a real answer. If we trying to make content that is sustainable at this point we really have to follow the rules laid down. Creating content of any kind even though it’s getting easier with todays editing software still costs money and time. If we only create content that doesn’t follow the rules we cannot monetise it which means in the long run it can’t sustain us. That is the problem I’m trying to find a way around right now. I have so many content ideas that I cannot create as it could put my other content at risk.

If you are trying to do the same I’d like to hear from you in the comments of this blog or you can contact me directly on email

 Content creation is a real tight rope that’s takes a whole lot more work than most people give us credit for. I salute all creators everywhere. 

Big Love Rodders  

There is a long term plan


It’s been an interesting few years since the short film Conclusions was made. The way I do things has changed a lot due to necessity but also due to the online community. It is an interesting and uncertain time as an online content creator. At every turn you seem to find someone online offering a quick path to success or a way to “cheat the system”. Truth is there is virtually no way to cheat the system and honestly if you want to create long term success as an online creator the last thing you want to do is try to cheat the system. I love creating on YouTube in particular as the changes they are currently making are a first of their kind which in all honestly other platforms will begin to implement once YouTube work out all the kinks. 

If you follow the changes happening across all the top media sharing sites you will realise that online content creation is in a state of flux that doesn’t show signs of settling down. As creators we need to keep this in mind with our long term plans. We need to find a happy medium between order and chaos. In today’s PC Culture gone crazy it’s hard to make content that won’t offend people but will also be cutting edge enough to bring something new to the table. 

I have spent the last year testing different ways of sharing and different styles of video using extremely small changes to try to work out what’s best for creation. Unfortunately right now in my current local region it seems that the most successful content I “should create” would be drama content. In fact it’s not that long ago regarding my review show Here’s Rodders Reviews it was recommended that if I wanted to “get more hits” I should start making negative reviews of shows and films as it is more popular to do.  That’s something I refuse to do as firstly I won’t knowingly put down something for views. If I do have anything negative to say in a review it will be part of an objective opinion where I try to give an honesty review of what works as well as what doesn’t work in a show of film. I’d rather put out honest content that people will watch because they like it rather than get popular for simply putting everything done. Plus having made a handful of no budget short films myself in the past I appreciate how difficult it is for something to actually get made in the first place. 

Down side to my plan is it’s going to take a very long time to show real signs of succeeding. It’s a very messy plan but a good plan none the less.

Best advice anyone can give about online content creation right now is play by the rules of your terms of service it’s the only way we are going to stay on the platforms such as YouTube the ways things are going.

 As they say anything worth having doesn’t come easy. 

Big Love Rodders. 


Tying up lose ends


Good morning Legends. It’s been a while since I got sat down to update the blog. I’ve been running through the back catalogue of video content pulling up some important things that need finished. I’m a year deep into the new Jpm Films Worldwide Entertainment Network set up and it’s been a bit of a messy process rebuiding from the previous incarnation. I’ve an old online series that needs a new home as well the most important parts of the short film Conclusions still needing completed. In doing this I’ve kind of slipped off the current upload schedule of all the channels.

This is something that’s really needing done now. The current editing computer I’m using is 8 years old now and is beginning to suffer under the weight of the work it’s been put through. The longest break it has had from work is the 2 weeks I recently spent in America. Honestly I’m surprised it has lasted as long as it has.  

Truth is I believe the computer only has a month or so left before it expires so tying up as many lose ends as possible before that happens is top priority. I made the mistake of not doing that with my first editing computer and ended up losing a lot of important things when it finally failed. 

On the subject of tying up lose ends it’s not just the online life in sorting. I’m also doing similar things in real life right now. I’m pretty uncertain what the future holds or where I’m going to put down permanent roots. I’m in a definite transitional point in life right now and I’m conscious of making as many changes that will make whatever happens easier. Content creation will always be a part of my life so I’m aiming toward my next editing set up being 100% mobile that way if I decide to make any massive life changes I’ll be able to pack up everything and go. Right now I can only do really detailed editing work in one place. I’m very unsettled right now in my current situation and keeping my mind open to new possibilities for the future.

It may be the fact that I’m turning 40 soon that is bringing on these feelings. Maybe I’m hitting a mid life crisis? Who knows. Either way I feel that tying up as many lose ends as possible right now will make future changes easier to deal with.

Hope that blog made sense. I’ve been writing it while doing about 5 other things. Multi tasking baby 😀 

Big Love Rodney. 


Original online series on Vimeo


Back in 2007 when I was interested in learning video creation as a videographer I didn’t have either the grades or the money to go to any film schools. I went out and bought a cheap camera, computer and editing suite then a few friends and I went out and started shooting some crazy vids so I could practice filming and editing. Worthless Insanity was born.

In 2017 when I was forced to relaunch Jpm Films Worldwide everyone thought I’d deleted those videos when I shut down my  previous YouTube channel, well that didn’t happen. Those videos are far too important to me as they were my entry into a deeper love of filmmaking. The first 10 episodes have been on Vimeo for a while now and I’ve been re editing the closing credits sequence on the last 40 episodes.

Today I uploaded the fresh edited versions of the next 10 episodes to Vimeo. You can watch them on the worthless insanity page on the website or indeed check then on Vimeo itself  

Season 3 will be going up soon.

Big Love Rodders  

New Patreon update videos. Public and Private


I’ve been thinking long and hard about the future of the content I make. It’s extremely frustrating trying to push forward to making this a full time career. People in the past have been encouraging me to give up my full time job to follow indie creation. As much I appreciate that support the reality is that it’s an extremely long hard road towards that goal. I’ve got more than enough content ideas that I could upload a new piece of content everyday for the next 5 years but I estimate that at the current rate of support it will take about 2 years to get to the point where ad revenue begins paying me. 

Biggest problem content creators such as myself face is getting the time to make the projects we are passionate about while also making a living and paying our bills. In reality  you seem to be doing the one or the other. We work 40+ hours a week and squeeze everything else into evenings and weekends. The bigger the project is the harder it is to get it done. Truth is the only reason I had the time to get my last 2 indie film projects Weapon of Choice and Conclusions made was because I was actually on sick leave from my full time job due to a back injury. 

As in my last blog post I talked about the huge amounts of money it takes to create indie film projects that comes out of our own pockets which makes it incredibly difficult to do both that and pay our bills. When we are in that situation the hardest thing to do is to create regular indie film projects as professionally as possible as we are constantly trying to get people to work for free. In the long run that really isn’t the ideal thing for anyone. Would you stay at your full time job if they announced they were going to stop paying you?

That being said I’ve decided to only put fully funded indie film projects into production. I’ve got full faith that eventually the YouTube and podcast content could eventually begin funding these projects via ad revenue but again that’s an insanely long time investment to get it to that point. With all that said I’ve reset my Patreon account to work towards that. I’ve set up 2 tiers to help create regular content for both online content and indie film content. 

The first tier


This tier will be the main one to help create regular online content such as YouTube and podcasts as well as help towards equipment replacement and repair costs. Basically for the same amount of money you would spend on a single visit to a cinema for one person you could support me for a full year. 

I will be making weekly update videos on Vimeo to keep people updated on both the YouTube channels and the 3 podcasts. There will also be content on the patron only feed that won’t be available anywhere else online.


The second tier



This tier works out to $60 a year. This tier will be the one that all funding will go towards the creation of indie film projects. I’ll be making monthly deep dive videos with all the indie film updates that Jpm Films Worldwide will be working on.  


All the Vimeo deep dive videos will be private videos so that if you do become a patron you will be the only person with a viewable video link. 

This is an option I hope you will consider. It will make it possible for me to get my content to the next level. I will continue to work towards getting ad revenue in place but right now indie film is pretty much dead in the water as wear and tear on editing hardware is pretty bad. 

What also helps is you guys sharing my videos and podcasts.  

Big Love Rodney  

My return to indie film


Back at the beginning of summer 2018 I did a blog post on “semi retirement from indie film”. Some people took that as a literal “completely quitting indie film”, that is not true. I then had to clarify in another blog post that I’m not quitting just refocusing my efforts back into the parts of online content that are essential in the bigger picture. 

Truth is I will be making a return to indie film but in a very different way than I have ever approached it before. Basically i’ll be returning to indie film once it is a financially viable thing to do. See we all as indies trick ourselves into thinking that we should be constantly making things on zero budget and hoping someone in power sees it and hires us to make big budget films that will make us successful. That does happen but it’s very rare and we will burn up a lot of money out of our own pockets trying to make that happen. If you are an indie filmmaker have you ever sat down and calculated have much money you have spent in the pursuit of making content. I say content as I’ve actually done the calculations on every free project I’ve worked on since 2005. The number is a shock to the system, I’ll share that at the bottom of this blog.  

I’ve made the decision that from here on Jpm Films Worldwide will only put fully funded indie film projects into production as the headaches involved in the zero budget arena are not worth it. But what if projects can’t get funded? Well then they don’t get made, plain and simple. The major downside to always making zero budget films is that the name “zero budget” says it all. There’s no budget. No budget for paying actors or crew or covering repair costs. And what happens when we burn out a professional editing suite? No money being generated to replace one of those. Unless we are one of the lucky ones who “gets noticed” we remain in that sickening cycle of always trying to get people to work for free. Down side to that is if you are never paying cast or crew there’s no incentive for them to continue to consistently keep giving their time to you. Eventually all the contacts you make will start moving on to bigger better things while  you are still spinning your wheels hoping that the “powers that be” may decide to throw you a bone. 

I’m content to keep working on the free online video and audio podcasts that I produce. That’s been the one thing so far that has generated at least some sort of financial income. I can already hear some people say “Ah ha you are only in this for the money” No I’ve just come to realise that you will never make a career out of something if you always do it for free. Plus the complete lack of real partnerships in the indie space doesn’t give me any incentive to return to the zero budget productions. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past encouraging and sharing others content and never see them engaging on any online videos or podcasts been producing by me. I’m not interested in one sided deals. There is nothing worse than putting work and support into others and not getting the same in return. 

Having said that there are a lot of people I owe some freebies for the help they gave me on Conclusions and I will honour that. Outside of that I’ll not be working for free again. If you are good at something don’t do it for free. 

I’m sorry guys that this blog post is a bit of a downer but I feel it’s important that if you are considering getting into indie film you should see the side that most of us try to hide. A lot of the big benefits come from the things are projects do for the people that see them. Take the short film I directed and edited Weapon of Choice. In the first few days of it being released online it inspired one woman to get out of an abusive relationship. That’s worth more than money. Another example is the 50 episode series I produced Worthless Insanity. A cancer patient messaged me to say that the series gave him something to look forward to while he was going through his Chemotherapy. Having lost both my parents to cancer that was a message I’ll hold dear the rest of my days. But as good and wonderful as those are you can’t pay your bills with them.  

So what is the number? Money spent since 2005 on equipment costs, repair costs, rental costs, travel, food for all the free projects I’ve created for myself and other people in the hopes of “Getting noticed”........ £24.873

Time to stop wasting time and money.

Big Love Rodney. 

Simplicity is key


Recently due to circumstances beyond my control I was forced to simplify my video editing. While I was on my trip to America I was intent on uploading videos to YouTube and was hoping to buy a new editing laptop before i began my journey, unfortunately I wasn’t able to raise the funds in time. 

On the trip I shot with my Canon G7X mark 2 and edited the footage and added copyright free music using the iMovie app on my iPhone. As an editor this isn’t the ideal situation as we like to have as much control over the editing process as possible, I like having a lot more control over the sound. I was actually really surprised at how well the videos performed having so little work put into them so I’ve made a point of actually switching my YouTube content on both the vlog and review channels almost fully over to iPhone editing. This has also really helped out on a financial front as my current video editing computer is getting up in years and realistically could die at any moment. In fact it’s just about past it’s use in editing bigger short film projects. Unfortunately that’s the thing with editing computers, these days the updates tend to get ahead of the hardware. I’ve put a lot of editing hours through that machine and honestly can’t believe it’s still running at all. The only thing I use it for now is to re cut my YouTube videos for Facebook video and strip out the review audio for the Soundcloud and iTunes podcast versions. 

I wish I’d decided to make this change sooner as this new way of making online content has made it much quicker and doubled my productivity which will really help in getting me back on the partner program sooner rather than later. When I do get to update to a new editing computer I can keep that bad boy for the more detailed film projects. 

Now some people will criticise this decision. I’ve no doubt of that as It wasn’t that long ago I got a strongly worded email from a person who felt the need to tell me that there’s more to filmmaking than turning on a camera and recording. This was in regard to me as a youtuber and I found it especially funny as it’s clearly impossible to both manually focus a camera and be in front of it at the same time. Video blogging isn’t filmmaking after all but I feel a good way to build part of an online presence between film projects. 

I love the simplicity of this new way of doing things because as I’m sure you know it’s incredibly hard to get content noticed online these days, so why burn out a professional editing set up when you can do a more than acceptable job using a smartphone. It’s just a smarter way of doing things. 

So there you have it. Simplicity is key. If like me you are trying to build a structure of free content in the hopes that it can generate a revenue stream to fund other bigger projects this is a good way of going about it. So get out there and create your content and don’t be worried about the opinions of other people who like to point out your shortcomings. From experience I can tell you one thing for sure. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at anything you do, you will get criticism either way. All that matters is you are doing your thing and keeping forward momentum. 

Big Love Rodney