Conclusions follow up Ashes will not be Sugar Coated

 Ashes. Part 2 of 3 short films

Ashes. Part 2 of 3 short films

So far the first 2 showings of Conclusions has been very successful  


 Opening Title

Opening Title

The experience of Conclusions has been life changing to say the very least.  

In the 5 years during writing to the production of Conclusions one thing became very clear. People became offended by very concept of the film without having seen or read the script and some friendships ended over my commitment to making the short. I always wanted to make the film as tastefully as possible without offending anyone because that's what It needed to be to reach as wide an audience as possible but because of these experiences I watered down some of my original ideas for the short film. Don't get me wrong I'm very proud of the end result of Conclusions and couldn't have hoped for better. The cast and crew went above and beyond the call of duty to make a very successful short. 

 My cast and crew on Conclusions

My cast and crew on Conclusions

After the first showings of Conclusions i asked some people if they thought that The film was offensive. All of them said that it wasn't offensive in the slightest. The first report from a mental health charity was this

"This film will without a doubt help someone and will definitely start conversations" 

That's as good a response as I need to keep going. I'm sure at some point it will hurt people affected by suicide to watch it but it will make people think. At the very least it will definitely be the kind of film that will help someone articulate their feelings and will use it to tell someone "This is how I'm feeling. 

The whole experience and lost friendships that happened during this project have been well worth it because of the good this film has done so far. If people are willing to throw away a friendship over the concept of the film without having seen or read the script then you know what I'm better off without them. 100% of the people that were against the film where the very people I'd have thought would have been at the front of the line to support a project like this. As I said it's been a life changing experience and a very real eye opener. 

I wouldn't say the experience of Conclusions has left me cold but it has really hardened my shell to the point of I'll no longer be worried about how people react to my films from now on. I'll not be going out of my way to offend people I'll always keep my work as tasteful as possible but I'll no longer be Sugar Coating my projects for fear of offending and that will be reflected in the follow up Ashes. 

Ashes will be set 1 year after the events of Conclusions and will be the story of the chain reaction set in motion by what happened at the end of Conclusions.

FAIR WARNING right now. Out of the 3 films Ashes will be the darkest chapter.  

SPOILERS part 3 is titled Scars. 

Dont let em stop you