I've finally found an ending for The Chain Reaction Trilogy. Originally Conclusions was a stand alone film but I feel in love with the characters in the script and got curious to what would happen them after the events of Conclusions. I wrote an outline for 2 follow up films called Ashes and Scars. It was ok but very sugar coated without an ending that worked.

I decided to start from scratch rewriting both using that first outline along with any constructive criticism and feedback I've gotten on Conclusions so far. 

Right now I have a bag full of random notes and ideas I've been scrawling on everything from notebooks to fuels receipts plus that original outline, like with Conclusions these characters are again almost writing themselves.

I now know where and how it's going to end. It's not the ending I was expecting when I'd written that first outline. Sounds strange coming from the writer right? But as I say these characters have had a way of writing themselves. I'm going to book a hotel for a weekend at the start of December with no distractions and nail the scripts. Looking forward to seeing these short films on the screen. 

One thing is for sure the ending of these will most probably not be what you are expecting. Watch this space.  

Dont let em stop you

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