Fresh start for online video


I've had a few plans for the main YouTube channel in the last few months but the community guidelines have been changing in recent months due to the current PC climate.

In a way it's a good thing. It's going to clean up the content on the platform making it a great place for the dedicated partners like myself that have been sticking to the guidelines laid out by YouTube. Looking forward to building up both my channels. 

Ive had the idea of doing a character based comedy sketch series on the main channel but I'm not sure that is a best idea in the long run. The character may work better on Facebook video and Instagram video which would also begin to spread my content to multiple platforms which in turn may bring viewers back to YouTube where I could all being well build funding from the ad revenue to fund film projects. You never know if the channels could become successful enough I may even be able to grab a few sponsors. 

With this in mind I've been considering a slight change in the branding of the main channel. The second channel is under the name HeresRoddersVlogs then there's the podcast channel on Soundcloud called The Heres Rodders Podcast. I'm thinking I should rename the main channel HeresRoddersReviews instead of Jpm Films Worldwide. I think the channel name is a little misleading as the majority of the content is review based.

The overall brand of my work will be Jpm films worldwide but I really need to get an overall working name in place under Jpm films worldwide. 

At the minute I'm working on new video intros and end cards that will work not only on YouTube but on multiple platforms. It's worth a try.  

I want to be able to build an income that can financially support myself and fund future production by creating content that is free for the public. What I really need from you guys that support me is to watch share and subscribe.  

All Jpm films worldwide updates will now only be available on the podcast channel on Soundcloud.