The end is near

I've been trying to make a suicide awareness short film for some time now. Id like to share the recent update.

We tried crowd funding through Indiegogo. 

Hi everyone. 

An update has been a very long time coming. I wouldn't blame you if you thought i'd run for the hills with the films funding. I would never do that.

So here we are. Update time. Its been a very rocky road for Conclusions since the campaigns finished, we didn't hit anywhere near the desired funding that this film required. Some equipment has been bought to capture the sound as you seen in the last update. I've been adding as much money to the pot as possible out of my own pocket since the campaigns ended. Let me reassure you the money you donated is safe and sound. 

The unfortunate thing with this film is as i've said from the start i want to cover all the legalities as technically this will be classed as a distributed film when i start giving it to charities and of course when that happens the film will gain media attention, last thing i need is to be dragged into court for not getting the required insurance and permissions. That means that almost all the money raised has to go toward covering all that stuff.

That has left me in a very hard place. Casting the kinds of actors i needed was always going to be difficult and i always knew there was a very high chance i'd have to pay for that. That problem is a very real one. A few months back as i'm sure a lot of you know i was on local radio being interviewed about the film and a call was put out for any interested actors to get in contact. It was also put out by The Hub in Cookstown. My email exploded over the next few weeks with interested actors from all over Ireland, it seemed things were on track to success. But when it became clear that funding was virtually non existent after the legal stuff is in place and the best i could offer them was perhaps exposure with the film that interest quickly started to disappear. We were falling quickly back to square one once more.

But then things started to turn around. I've been attending film meetings in Ballymoney once a month with a group called North Coast Film Collective which is run by local writer filmmaker Philip Henry. Recently he wrote a script Weapon of Choice and asked me to direct. Through that I've been able to get a crew for Conclusions and right now all i need is 1 more actor and 1 more location. 

The legal stuff will be sorted this week and all being well Conclusions will be shot this June. Dont mind telling you guys I've been beyond stressed on this project, but the end is now in sight.

Big love