The sacrifice is real

Hey Legends.  

You know every once in a while you come across someone who says

"Hey you got a few short films out there and been doing YouTube for ages. You must be making big money" 

That couldn't be further from the truth. The money you put into this outweighs the money you make back in a major way for a very very long time. If you work in video production doing client work such as weddings, music videos or are lucky enough to get hired by a paying production then yeah you can make pretty good money. 

That is not the case for me and most others. I started off doing weddings and events. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it but it really wasn't what I wanted to do in the long run. For the longest time now all I've wanted to do is create my own stuff. It wasn't to I started making regular YouTube content that I discovered that I also really enjoyed entertaining and meeting new people from all over the world.  

But hey if I was in this simply to make money then I'd have given up years ago. After 5 years I've still to clear my first pay check from YouTube. That's ok. I'm having fun with online content, it's the perfect excuse to act the big kid. It keeps you young.  

The only problem with that is you wear your equipment out after years of regular filming and editing and if you are not making money out of it you have to replace it all out of your own pocket. I'd say in the last 14 years I've put close to £14000 into video projects and have only profited to about £3700. 

Thats a major financial sacrifice right there. There is also a huge personal sacrifice to this line of work. On till you can start making a living creating only your own stuff you can only do this in your spare time. You miss out on a lot of friends and family time when you spend 40+ hours a week at a full time job and balancing time on a part time online job. Then you have your YouTube subscribers to cater to and also writing the next film project. 

So yeah guys the personal and financial sacrifice is incredibly real. Creating short films and online content is very very far from the easy job the majority of people think it is. Next time you are watching a youtuber and thinking to yourself "Get a real job asshole" take a second to think about all the things that happen to make that video. That 5 or 10 minute video could easily take a few hours work to make. Most of these people like myself are working full time to support themselves and using the majority of their free time to reach out to build community and entertain people.  

Most of these people are not making any money doing this and God love the ones that from time to time ask for financial help to try and create their art. 9 times out of 10 that doesn't go well for the creator at all. Most people think these videos and films appear out of fresh air. That is an incredibly frustrating thing for any creative person. 

So guys if you are thinking of getting into film and online video that is the sort of thing to expect. But the again you could be one of the lucky few that gets that massive hit that makes you an overnight success.  

The benefits to this are amazing. You meet fantastic people and make friends all over the planet. Then you start to hear from the people that tell you that you have impacted their lives in the most positive way. You inspire people. You help prople get through hard times. You make differences in people's lives. That is an incredible felling when someone tells you that.  

So yeah

The sacrifice is real. But it is worth it.

Big Love