Conclusions Short Film. After 5 years it's finally filmed

After a challenging 5 years of trying to get an important suicide awareness short film into production I'm happy to announce I called the first action on day one June 10th 2016. 


Conclusions begins

 On set setting up the first shot

On set setting up the first shot

In the film our main character buys flowers for his girlfriend. We were in serious need of a florist shop to shoot the scene. Pauline Reid Flowers in Coleraine a total life saver. Pauline let us use her shop.  Not only that she also jumped in front of the camera and played the scene as the florist. 

June 12th 2016 Day 2. We got the whole cast and crew together and started full production. The original plan was to shot on both June 12th and 19th but then I realised that June 19th is Fathers Day. Most of the cast and crew have kids so I didn't want to pull them away from their families on Fathers Day. 

We tried to reschedule the shots we were to get on the 19th but as with most things in indie film it is usually incredibly difficult to get everyone free on the same day especially when we are all trying to squeeze our passion for film in between family time and other jobs. 

I was starting to get worried that id have to leave the rest of the shoot if we didn't get that day on the 19th. After waiting so long to get Conclusions started the thought of not getting it finished was killing me. 

I asked the cast and crew if they would be willing to go for it and try and put the both days work into one. It would have been completely understandable if they told me to take a long walk off a short pier and I wouldn't have blamed them in the slightest.  

Each and every one of them agreed to give it a go. On the day the actors were worried that it may not happen as the script is very dialogue heavy. The beauty of the script was that there were a lot of things that the director of photography, sound man and I could get while the actors practiced their scenes. Our time management on this film was great. 

We managed to shoot the public scenes without disrupting the town of Coleraine at all. We then broke for lunch and I bought the cast and crew their lunch. I think the least you can do is fill your cast and crews stomachs.  

We then hit the coast to get part of the opening scene which was basically going to be a reshoot of the pre production teaser trailer. Originally the scene was to run just like pre pro teaser then it was to jump to 6 months later in the story but in the rewrite stages some of the people I trusted to get brutal with their notes on the story all felt that the story was very disjointed to make that jump in time at that point. The scene needed more. I'm glad I took that advice and added more to the scene. It worked and ended up being one of the best scenes I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.  



 Setting up at Dunseverick Harbour

Setting up at Dunseverick Harbour

We managed to get the last exterior shoots just before the weather turned on us. We then jumped over to Portrush to grab all the interior shots. Conclusions presented a lot of challenges for all of us but thanks to the level of experience and maturity the cast and crew brought to this project we knocked it out of the park. We all worked on the exact same wavelength on this project.  

There are a lot of emotionally driven scenes in Conclusions and I must say there were times I had a lump in my throat watching as the story that has been banging around my head for over 5 years was coming to life of front of me. It was an amazing feeling. 

Finally I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Time for post production and then we'll see what happens to get Conclusions out to the people the film has been made for. I've no doubt this film will help someone somewhere. As I always say if it helps ever 1 person then my job has been done. 

This time the job has been done very very well in production.  

It's true what they say. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. This film without a doubt is the best thing Jpm Films Worldwide has ever done.

I'd like to thank the cast and crew of Conclusions. You guys have made me look like an actual filmmaker. I'll be eternally grateful to each and every one of you. 


 Some of the cast and crew of Conclusions

Some of the cast and crew of Conclusions

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