Time management. So much to do.

You ever have so much to do you end up getting almost nothing done? 

 Really need a scedule

Really need a scedule

In a recent blog post i talked about my aim to get get Jpm Films Worldwide funding itself within the next year. That means I need to not just get my productivity back to where it was a year ago I need to take it beyond that.  

At my most productive I was releasing content to YouTube 5 days a week. That's just the Movie review series and a weekly vlog. There are other shows I'd started working on like Making a Movie and The Weight Loss Challenge.  

My aim was always to get to making films and that recently started to happen. I was asked to direct and edit a short film called Weapon of Choice written by local writer filmmaker Philip Henry. Through that I was able to complete the cast and crew I needed for my own sort film Conclusions which went into production mere weeks after filming finished on Weapon. 

Been an exciting few months but with the short film madness happening I've had to put everything else on the back burner which in the online world a few months translates to about 2 year as far as wasted time goes. If you are trying to build a YouTube channel you need to be doing it on a regular basis.  

So as I said 5 vids a week plus Making a Movie and Weight Loss Challenge. There is 7 different vids, in all fairness Weight loss could work as a monthly series. Still that leaves 6 a week. That's a lot. You'd think that would be enough but no. Numb nuts here had to get interested in podcasting as well so there's more things to do.  

Did I mention I also work a full time job plus a part time job.  

When the heck do I squeeze in some sleep? Always time for that, sleep is important.  

So all these vids podcasts and short films along with 2 jobs sounds just about impossible right? I don't think so.  

With the right time management I believe anything is possible. A lot of the YouTube content could be pre planned so perhaps a Saturday could film and edit the whole weeks videos apart for the stuff that would be the sensitive as far as news goes. Biggest killer would be squeezing in the exercise I need to do for the weight loss challenge. It'll be fun trying to sort a schedule to work all this. The new podcasts would call for a bit of time to record but the editing process is a lot easier so I don't think that'll cause to much of a problem. 

If somethings important you'll make the time. Who knows within a year or 2 I could maybe afford to hire help to help shoulder some of the work.  

For now I'm happy to tackle it myself. Well seen I'm a single man lol  

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