I love the supporters. I do it for you.

You know what man for the longest time now I've strived to make more short films and it's happening slowly but surely. But in that time being so focused on achieving that goal I've started to forget about the things that brought me to this point. The simple YouTube videos that both entertained and helped people in ways I never in my wildest dreams ever expected. The pay off of that one comment posted on a video that says "I look forward to your videos", "That short film helped me make a massive choice", "I enjoy listening to your podcasts". Then a truly amazing one comes from a man looking forward to weekly Worthless Insanity videos while going through medical treatment. "Love seeing a new video going up, keeps my spirits up". It doesn't happen that often but when it does its one of the best feeling ever because I know in some small way I've brightened up this persons day for 5 or 10 mins.

Equally every once in a while when I'm really feeling the strain of fighting and clawing my way to getting bigger projects off the ground these legends always come to the rescue to help me find the motivation to keep going. One of these legends recently sent me a book with a simple note which I use as a bookmark.

It's unreal the feeling this kind of support gives a person like myself. There is always kind words from this small group of legends and you know what? I feel I've been short changing them a bit recently being so focused on where I'm going I'm not maintaining the platform that brought me these legends. YouTube. 

I now make a commitment to these legends that not only will I bitch slap the indie film industry with as many short film projects as I can I'm also gonna get back to pumping as much random nonsense as possible online for you guys to enjoy. 

So here's an idea for another new series on the channel.  


Goodness knows what the series will be called but hey I was a kid of the 80s. The shows were flippin fantastic and had something that seems to be really lacking these days. Morality stories.  

Big Love. Rock n Roll