We got merchandise Don't let em stop you

There is indeed a method to the madness. Got a good few plans for the next 3 years that depends on the online space of the website and YouTube.  

A huge part of that is I want to encourage and motivate as many of you as I can. And as a person that constantly has to make a real effort must days to get my mind in a positive place to get the day started I'm pushing the idea. "Don't let em stop you"  Because if there is one thing you can be sure of its this. There will be no shortage of negativity in life.

With that in mind I got this mantra on a wristband so when I'm feeling the pressure I can look at my wrist and see "Don't let em stop you" and of course Jpm films worldwide is on there too.  



 Order yours at my online store

Order yours at my online store

Right now I've got a bag full of these bad boys sitting here that need wrists so if you'd like to join the positive push of "Don't let em stop you"  and help promote the website. (This'll be important for when Conclusions is ready) you can order these from my online store. 

Conclusions will be going to charities when ready and we'll be doing fundraising for the charity so chances are tickets will be downloadable from the website. That's why I really need your help in promoting the site. 


Don't let em stop you