Launched my second channel. HeresRoddersVlogs

Previously JPMFW Gaming

A couple of years ago I started a gaming channel on YouTube but nothing came of that because of the time I was putting into getting Jpm Films Worldwide started up with online video and short films

Recently I've been wanting to share a lot more things with all you guys that have been supporting me so far but I've been thinking that the main Jpm Films Worldwide YouTube channel will be just completely overloaded with content. Then I remembered the gaming channel that has been dead in the water for the last few years.  

Solution. Vlogging channel where I can get more personal with you guys. I'm hoping to do daily videos but if that doesn't happen it will be at least a couple of times a week. I want to try and motivate and inspire people with the content I create.  

It will also be a place where you'll get a hit by hit account of pre production, production and post production on film and online video projects. 

Heres hoping it'll be a fun and successful channel.  

Might even do some live streams if I get the nerve up for it.  

Big Love. Rock n Roll