Conclusions early showing

It's almost time for the next step in the Conclusions journey. I don't intend to release the film just yet but there is going to by an early showing of this short film on October 4th. 


Conclusions will be shown along side of 5 other short films by local filmmakers. Conclusions wouldn't have got to the filming stage without the support and talent of this group. I'm working on locking the final cut now and it's gonna be tight. I may have to show Conclusions as a work in progress but all being well I'll have a final cut locked in time. Either way this will be the first public showing of my wee film. I'm looking forward to Conclusions being a part of this groups first exclusive screening night.   

I'd really appreciate it if you guys would come along and show both myself and the other filmmakers support.  

Oh one of the other films Weapon of Choice is another I directed.  

Hope to see you all there

Dont let em stop you