Launching a new layout this weekend


As I said in the last blog I'll not be uploading the short films to YouTube. There are a good few reaseons for doing this but really it is a calculated move to protect the different types of content I make.  

By necessity The JPM Films Worldwide YouTube channel became more of a regular review channel simply because it was the content I could produce regularly as the short film content is only a once in a while thing. The short films become buried under all these review videos so they deserve their own place to live. 

They are now on The JPM Films Worldwide Vimeo page.  

I'm also dropping all JPM Films Worldwide updates from the YouTube channel. I've noticed that a lot of opinions people have come directly from drawing a conclusion simply from the video titles and not the actual video content. I had a long conversation with a friend last summer that made it drasticly clear that he had absolutely no knowledge of any on the info I'd put out on the last short film. 

I'm thinking it would make the work on the YouTube channel a lot easier and quicker without wasting time updating.  

Ive had a simple plan for funding the film content. Id love to grow the channels to the point where the ad revenue alone could cover production of my small scale projects. It's very possible but will be a long long journey to get them there. 

Conclusions and the 2 follow up shorts are on a very sensitive subject which will without a doubt offend a lot of people, trust me I've more then enough private messsges and emails telling me so. As a YouTube partner I'm under a lot of rules from Google. They have a very strict community policy for what you can and can't do, 3 community Strikes and you lose the channel. Lose the channels and I personally lose 5 years of work and the possibility of earning from the review vids. It would be as simple as a single person being offended by these 3 shorts to shut JPM Films Worldwide down on YouTube. 

So there you have it. It's just the smart thing to do for the future of the sort of content I want to create. Reviews and vlogs over 2 YouTube channels. All updates on online video and indie film on the sound cloud podcast. All the short films on Vimeo. Outside of all the online stuff I'm also trying to spinning a few more plates to earn a better living to free up more time for the short films. On top of working full time I'm working with a company called Simply Naturals through which I could eventually set up my own hours to accommodate the film work.  

Basicslly I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Made that mistake a few times now. Trust me when you lose that basket your screwed for far too long.  

Big love