Happy New Year


Hey guys.  

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant new year.  

Its January 1st the usual time for thinking about the things we want to do differently than we did last year. For me last year was a year of endings. Everything I was doing professionally found a new beginning. I had some business plans in place that just were not working.  

Last October I reset just about everything as far as online production was concerned. The online world has changed so much in the last year and Jpm Films Worldwide had to change along with it. I no longer have everything in the one place. I’ve expanded my content across not just YouTube but also Vimeo, Soundcloud and iTunes. 

Now that a new business plan is in place I’m ready to hit 2018 really hard. I’ve set myself the challenge of hitting at least 1 result a day across all social media platforms. Also I’ve set myself the challenge of getting my health to a better place.  

Last year I kicked cigarettes and a dependency on painkillers. That’s right after years of prescription painkillers due to a spinal injury I ended up on the verge of addiction. I’m determined to not take painkillers again so the only alternative is regular exercise.  

It’s gonna be a very interesting year. I’m looking forward to regularly uploading video blogs in trying to successfully make this year the best one yet.  

I invite you to join me on this journey and hopefully I can motivate you to do something for yourself too.  

Big Love Rodders