Simplicity is key


Recently due to circumstances beyond my control I was forced to simplify my video editing. While I was on my trip to America I was intent on uploading videos to YouTube and was hoping to buy a new editing laptop before i began my journey, unfortunately I wasn’t able to raise the funds in time. 

On the trip I shot with my Canon G7X mark 2 and edited the footage and added copyright free music using the iMovie app on my iPhone. As an editor this isn’t the ideal situation as we like to have as much control over the editing process as possible, I like having a lot more control over the sound. I was actually really surprised at how well the videos performed having so little work put into them so I’ve made a point of actually switching my YouTube content on both the vlog and review channels almost fully over to iPhone editing. This has also really helped out on a financial front as my current video editing computer is getting up in years and realistically could die at any moment. In fact it’s just about past it’s use in editing bigger short film projects. Unfortunately that’s the thing with editing computers, these days the updates tend to get ahead of the hardware. I’ve put a lot of editing hours through that machine and honestly can’t believe it’s still running at all. The only thing I use it for now is to re cut my YouTube videos for Facebook video and strip out the review audio for the Soundcloud and iTunes podcast versions. 

I wish I’d decided to make this change sooner as this new way of making online content has made it much quicker and doubled my productivity which will really help in getting me back on the partner program sooner rather than later. When I do get to update to a new editing computer I can keep that bad boy for the more detailed film projects. 

Now some people will criticise this decision. I’ve no doubt of that as It wasn’t that long ago I got a strongly worded email from a person who felt the need to tell me that there’s more to filmmaking than turning on a camera and recording. This was in regard to me as a youtuber and I found it especially funny as it’s clearly impossible to both manually focus a camera and be in front of it at the same time. Video blogging isn’t filmmaking after all but I feel a good way to build part of an online presence between film projects. 

I love the simplicity of this new way of doing things because as I’m sure you know it’s incredibly hard to get content noticed online these days, so why burn out a professional editing set up when you can do a more than acceptable job using a smartphone. It’s just a smarter way of doing things. 

So there you have it. Simplicity is key. If like me you are trying to build a structure of free content in the hopes that it can generate a revenue stream to fund other bigger projects this is a good way of going about it. So get out there and create your content and don’t be worried about the opinions of other people who like to point out your shortcomings. From experience I can tell you one thing for sure. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at anything you do, you will get criticism either way. All that matters is you are doing your thing and keeping forward momentum. 

Big Love Rodney