New Patreon update videos. Public and Private


I’ve been thinking long and hard about the future of the content I make. It’s extremely frustrating trying to push forward to making this a full time career. People in the past have been encouraging me to give up my full time job to follow indie creation. As much I appreciate that support the reality is that it’s an extremely long hard road towards that goal. I’ve got more than enough content ideas that I could upload a new piece of content everyday for the next 5 years but I estimate that at the current rate of support it will take about 2 years to get to the point where ad revenue begins paying me. 

Biggest problem content creators such as myself face is getting the time to make the projects we are passionate about while also making a living and paying our bills. In reality  you seem to be doing the one or the other. We work 40+ hours a week and squeeze everything else into evenings and weekends. The bigger the project is the harder it is to get it done. Truth is the only reason I had the time to get my last 2 indie film projects Weapon of Choice and Conclusions made was because I was actually on sick leave from my full time job due to a back injury. 

As in my last blog post I talked about the huge amounts of money it takes to create indie film projects that comes out of our own pockets which makes it incredibly difficult to do both that and pay our bills. When we are in that situation the hardest thing to do is to create regular indie film projects as professionally as possible as we are constantly trying to get people to work for free. In the long run that really isn’t the ideal thing for anyone. Would you stay at your full time job if they announced they were going to stop paying you?

That being said I’ve decided to only put fully funded indie film projects into production. I’ve got full faith that eventually the YouTube and podcast content could eventually begin funding these projects via ad revenue but again that’s an insanely long time investment to get it to that point. With all that said I’ve reset my Patreon account to work towards that. I’ve set up 2 tiers to help create regular content for both online content and indie film content. 

The first tier


This tier will be the main one to help create regular online content such as YouTube and podcasts as well as help towards equipment replacement and repair costs. Basically for the same amount of money you would spend on a single visit to a cinema for one person you could support me for a full year. 

I will be making weekly update videos on Vimeo to keep people updated on both the YouTube channels and the 3 podcasts. There will also be content on the patron only feed that won’t be available anywhere else online.


The second tier



This tier works out to $60 a year. This tier will be the one that all funding will go towards the creation of indie film projects. I’ll be making monthly deep dive videos with all the indie film updates that Jpm Films Worldwide will be working on.  


All the Vimeo deep dive videos will be private videos so that if you do become a patron you will be the only person with a viewable video link. 

This is an option I hope you will consider. It will make it possible for me to get my content to the next level. I will continue to work towards getting ad revenue in place but right now indie film is pretty much dead in the water as wear and tear on editing hardware is pretty bad. 

What also helps is you guys sharing my videos and podcasts.  

Big Love Rodney