Original online series on Vimeo


Back in 2007 when I was interested in learning video creation as a videographer I didn’t have either the grades or the money to go to any film schools. I went out and bought a cheap camera, computer and editing suite then a few friends and I went out and started shooting some crazy vids so I could practice filming and editing. Worthless Insanity was born.

In 2017 when I was forced to relaunch Jpm Films Worldwide everyone thought I’d deleted those videos when I shut down my  previous YouTube channel, well that didn’t happen. Those videos are far too important to me as they were my entry into a deeper love of filmmaking. The first 10 episodes have been on Vimeo for a while now and I’ve been re editing the closing credits sequence on the last 40 episodes.

Today I uploaded the fresh edited versions of the next 10 episodes to Vimeo. You can watch them on the worthless insanity page on the website or indeed check then on Vimeo itself  


Season 3 will be going up soon.

Big Love Rodders