The art of self censorship


This is going to be a weird one to write. Every now and then people give me suggestions for videos and podcasts. The majority of these I don’t take which I realise may come across as me being perhaps difficult to work with. That isn’t it at all. After creating content on a few different online accounts since 2007 and keeping up with all the changes happening online in recent years I’ve become increasingly aware of what can and cannot be done in online creation. 

As we’ve seen in recent days even Christmas songs are now being classed as offensive. I’m all for keeping things in good taste and having the net being a place where people are treated respectfully but it has to be said today’s PC culture is getting absolutely ridiculous to the point where freedom of speech is starting to be taken away. 

In this current climate online it’s become more important than ever to develop a self censorship mentality if we as creators are to survive with online content creation. It’s unfortunate but essential. Having said that how are we to create new cutting edge content or film if we are constantly walking on eggshells worrying if we are going to offend people? That’s the question and right now there really doesn’t seem to be a real answer. If we trying to make content that is sustainable at this point we really have to follow the rules laid down. Creating content of any kind even though it’s getting easier with todays editing software still costs money and time. If we only create content that doesn’t follow the rules we cannot monetise it which means in the long run it can’t sustain us. That is the problem I’m trying to find a way around right now. I have so many content ideas that I cannot create as it could put my other content at risk.

If you are trying to do the same I’d like to hear from you in the comments of this blog or you can contact me directly on email

 Content creation is a real tight rope that’s takes a whole lot more work than most people give us credit for. I salute all creators everywhere. 

Big Love Rodders