Tying up lose ends


Good morning Legends. It’s been a while since I got sat down to update the blog. I’ve been running through the back catalogue of video content pulling up some important things that need finished. I’m a year deep into the new Jpm Films Worldwide Entertainment Network set up and it’s been a bit of a messy process rebuiding from the previous incarnation. I’ve an old online series that needs a new home as well the most important parts of the short film Conclusions still needing completed. In doing this I’ve kind of slipped off the current upload schedule of all the channels.

This is something that’s really needing done now. The current editing computer I’m using is 8 years old now and is beginning to suffer under the weight of the work it’s been put through. The longest break it has had from work is the 2 weeks I recently spent in America. Honestly I’m surprised it has lasted as long as it has.  

Truth is I believe the computer only has a month or so left before it expires so tying up as many lose ends as possible before that happens is top priority. I made the mistake of not doing that with my first editing computer and ended up losing a lot of important things when it finally failed. 

On the subject of tying up lose ends it’s not just the online life in sorting. I’m also doing similar things in real life right now. I’m pretty uncertain what the future holds or where I’m going to put down permanent roots. I’m in a definite transitional point in life right now and I’m conscious of making as many changes that will make whatever happens easier. Content creation will always be a part of my life so I’m aiming toward my next editing set up being 100% mobile that way if I decide to make any massive life changes I’ll be able to pack up everything and go. Right now I can only do really detailed editing work in one place. I’m very unsettled right now in my current situation and keeping my mind open to new possibilities for the future.

It may be the fact that I’m turning 40 soon that is bringing on these feelings. Maybe I’m hitting a mid life crisis? Who knows. Either way I feel that tying up as many lose ends as possible right now will make future changes easier to deal with.

Hope that blog made sense. I’ve been writing it while doing about 5 other things. Multi tasking baby 😀 

Big Love Rodney.