Phase 4. Here we go again


We all like to think we know it all but I’ve found it’s when we think we know it all that’s the time we should take a moment to reevaluate what we are doing. Remember the saying pride comes before a fall. 

I thought I had it all figured out at 3 different stages in the journey of Jpm Films Worldwide. I was wrong on all 3 occasions. Worst thing was all the time wasted figuring out my mistakes but at least I have worked out what doesn’t work instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It’s important to also realise our own shortcomings both professionally and personally. A lot of us when starting out tend to develop a sort of arrogance in our work in the early days but that’s something we get rid of as we mature. I do still have a good bit of work to do on myself as I’m moving forward but I think I have a better idea of doing things better. 

“I think” is I believe a mature way of looking at things as I begin phase 4. Online content creation at this point is very unpredictable and thinking we know it all is very arrogant. We really need to keep a mindset of always learning as we move ahead in any arena. 

As i work on this new phase of Jpm Films Worldwide I’m confident that this has more potential for success than the first 3 phases but I’m not stupid enough to say “this will work”. It could very well prove me wrong but the only way to know for sure is to try.  

Keep chasing your dreams guys and don’t every be too proud to keep going when you want to restart. You are never to old to reset and change direction.  

Big Love Rodney