New year new goals


It’s almost that time again. New year. It’s a time when we reevaluate our goals and start to make a load of New Years resolutions. We are going to change everything and make this year the year everything is going to be different. I know I usually end up doing it but most of the time I end up slipping back into my old ways.  

I’ve high hopes for 2019. I’ve already made a positive step for the new year by signing up to a personal trainer to keep me accountable in getting my arse back in shape. I was thinking earlier. Why is it we only do this at New Years? Why can’t we or don’t we do it at any other time? I think we should make it a regular thing to set new goals not just on New Years but monthly. How about weekly? Daily? 

Each new day is another chance to try again. We tend to let our own negative thoughts stop us from trying new things and worse still we let negative opinions from others stop us.

Truth is the only person we have to live with is ourselves so doing what makes us happy should be our top priority. So how about we all have a go at making more regular resolutions and keep trying. I know I will. 

Big Love Rodney