There is a long term plan


It’s been an interesting few years since the short film Conclusions was made. The way I do things has changed a lot due to necessity but also due to the online community. It is an interesting and uncertain time as an online content creator. At every turn you seem to find someone online offering a quick path to success or a way to “cheat the system”. Truth is there is virtually no way to cheat the system and honestly if you want to create long term success as an online creator the last thing you want to do is try to cheat the system. I love creating on YouTube in particular as the changes they are currently making are a first of their kind which in all honestly other platforms will begin to implement once YouTube work out all the kinks. 

If you follow the changes happening across all the top media sharing sites you will realise that online content creation is in a state of flux that doesn’t show signs of settling down. As creators we need to keep this in mind with our long term plans. We need to find a happy medium between order and chaos. In today’s PC Culture gone crazy it’s hard to make content that won’t offend people but will also be cutting edge enough to bring something new to the table. 

I have spent the last year testing different ways of sharing and different styles of video using extremely small changes to try to work out what’s best for creation. Unfortunately right now in my current local region it seems that the most successful content I “should create” would be drama content. In fact it’s not that long ago regarding my review show Here’s Rodders Reviews it was recommended that if I wanted to “get more hits” I should start making negative reviews of shows and films as it is more popular to do.  That’s something I refuse to do as firstly I won’t knowingly put down something for views. If I do have anything negative to say in a review it will be part of an objective opinion where I try to give an honesty review of what works as well as what doesn’t work in a show of film. I’d rather put out honest content that people will watch because they like it rather than get popular for simply putting everything done. Plus having made a handful of no budget short films myself in the past I appreciate how difficult it is for something to actually get made in the first place. 

Down side to my plan is it’s going to take a very long time to show real signs of succeeding. It’s a very messy plan but a good plan none the less.

Best advice anyone can give about online content creation right now is play by the rules of your terms of service it’s the only way we are going to stay on the platforms such as YouTube the ways things are going.

 As they say anything worth having doesn’t come easy. 

Big Love Rodders.