A truly motivational life


I’ve been very unmotivated after we lost little Chloe earlier this month. As I said in my last blog my usual way of dealing with something like this is to jump into creating videos but this hit me extremely hard. 17 and a half years having this little bundle of energy around us is a huge loss.  

I’ve spent the last week looking through old photos and videos of Chloe and remembering the good times. She was there with me during the break up of my marriage and her energy was extremely motivating. Likewise with my parents and my brother her energy always helped and brought smiles to their lives too.  

Even though she’s gone while watching the old videos and looking at photos I found myself with the same old happy smile.  

She was always extremely motivating with her contagious energy but I’ve started to see her final days as some of the most motivational of her little life. It was really really hard to see her little body starting to fail her. Arthritis was starting to take her back legs out of action in the last weeks but she had the same strong puppy spirit she always had. She would fall over and instead of staying down she would pull herself back up and keep going. Even in the final couple of days if she fell over and couldn’t manage to get up she’d look up as if to say prop me up. We would life her on to her feet and off she would go once again. But I’m the end her little system was just ready to rest. It was finally that time.  

As hard as it was to watch this happening it was probably the most important thing this little dog ever taught me. So many times in life I’ve let myself be stopped in my tracks by setbacks. The only thing little Chloe let stop her was her own death. 

When I look at her photos and videos now I’m reminded of that contagious energy that she brought to my family and me and think I need to live life with that same energy.  

As long as we wake up each day and have the energy to stand up there is nothing that should stop us from going after what we want.  

Mourning Chloe is far from done but I think the best way to remember her is to get creating and chasing my dreams again.  

She didn’t let anything stop her and neither will I.  

Thank you Chloe.