Trying to beat my mental block

I love to talk a lot of motivation to inspire people but sometimes i find it hard to take my own advice.

It's the start of 2 weeks off from work and i've finally got the time i've been needing to get on top of my online work. This is always a very eye opening time for me. I get to see the potential that YouTube, Podcasting and Short Films really has. If i put full time hours into this i could be making a good living from creation within the next 3 years.

But how can i put full time hours in to it if it'll take a few years to build into a liveable income? How will i pay my bills over that period of time if i'm not working full time?

I was always taught that i should not give up one job to another is there to take its place. That is great advice but i'm sure you can see the problem it has left me with. It's a real mental block that i'm having to try and get past.

It's really hard to try and get the time to properly build the future i want as i'm currently working 45+ hours a week before i get time to even think about creation. Those hours don't leave much time for anything else especially with the physical nature for my work i'm usually pretty tired after work. I'm sure with a good few sleepless nights i could probably make it work but that would inevitably lead to burnout.

Here's hoping i can beat this mental bloke and get up the courage to do what i need to do. One thing is for sure i;m not getting any younger.

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Big Love. Rodders