Semi retirement from Indie Film


Yes indeed guys I’ve made to decision to step away from actively making short films. Throughout the last 2 short film projects I’ve been experiencing a whole load of stress and strain and doing a whole load of soul searching. 

The source of the stress came from trying to find a balance in all the things I was trying to juggle it get those 2 projects finished. 

The partnership program on YouTube if dealt with in the right way realistically could fund future short film projects but working full time and the required amount of time I needed to make my last 2 shorts ultimately struck a critical blow to YouTube.  

I’ve been reaching out to other creators in a similar position who use a similar approach to mine and asking how they handled this. I’ve gotten awesome advice which helped me reach this decision. I’ve had a couple of creators looking at the website and the current YouTube set up as well as the analytics from the previous channel and my social media. They asked some really interesting questions and gave a good few pointers from an experienced perspective. Good thing is splitting Reviews and Vlogs into 2 different channels has been a great decision they’d have recommended to do.

See I’ve not been looking at Jpm Films Worldwide properly. The analogy one creator used was that I see everything as a separate piece. It’s either filmmaking or YouTube or podcasts or speaking engagements. To get one thing done I drop my effort of the other. 

The advice was simple I was told straight forward what the problem is. I tend to put the work in where the engagement seems to be. If people are into the films but not YouTube I’ll jump at the films hard and forget the videos as they don’t seem at all interested in them. 

The advice was to do what’s best for me and stop seeing everything as different parts and see them as one singular entity. YouTube along with the audio podcasts is the foundation which will in time lead to speaking engagements. Without this foundation I can’t go to film. Film has to work round the rest.  

I asked what about the engagement in film over the rest? The answer was simple. “F**k Them” “If they can’t support you on the small things then they are not in your corner at all” 

I was honestly taken by surprise when I heard this one but it is true. I have when I think about it really noticed that. The active supporters on the film projects have never shown up on vlog or review based content. That content is the potential bread and butter of the future of Jpm Films Worldwide.  

There we have it. From here on I’ll be concentrating firstly on YouTube and audio podcasts and let the rest come from that.  

Big Love. Rodders