Reviews kicking off hard


It’s been a rough few months as far as editing goes. My current editing suit is feeling it’s age in a major way. I’ve been using the Mac Pro constantly for around 8 years now, it was an incredible buy at the time and serves me insanely well. But time and Apple products don’t tend to fair well, the system is suffering badly under the weight of updates.  


Thankfully though I think I’ve managed to get the system to a point where I can continue to edit the review based content I create for YouTube. I’m really looking forward to getting back into these videos once again, they had great earning potential back when I had the old Jpm Films Worldwide YouTube account. 

If you are into film and geek culture in any way I think you will enjoy the review channel. The channel when running at ifs full capacity will have everything from trailer reviews, new movie reviews, classic films. TV old and new and entertainment news as much as possible.  I should say thought that the videos won’t have any third party content. They will simply be me reviewing the content. The audio of the review channel is also available on Soundcloud and iTunes 

You can subscribe and watch the reviews here


Big Love Rodders.