Collaboration is a 2 way street


It’s always hard when you try to start off as a content creator. Doesn’t matter if you are a YouTuber, Podcaster or Indie Filmmaker. In truth it applies to everything. 

Most of the time you’ll have likeminded people coming to you asking you for help. For me it’s usually “Will you shoot this for me?” “Will you edit this for me?” “Will you direct this for me?” “Will you produce this for me?” A good few times I’ve been asked to do all 4 on one project every time without the option of payment. These are all good opportunities and they should be taken when offered but only if the collaboration goes both ways. 

All too often you’ll end up doing a lot of work on someone’s projects and end up falling behind on your own work. From experience I’ve learned that a lot of people will be more than happy for you to do work for them but they won’t show to to help you on your content. 

Be aware that this can and will happen to you. The major difficulty we all face starting out is we have so much we want to create but we are all trying to create from out of our own pockets. For years we will lose more money than we make.  

Dont allow yourself to be taken advantage of at this beginning stage. Take every chance that comes your way but make damn sure if you are doing work for free to help someone that they return the favour to you.  

Collaboration goes both ways guys. Set your boundaries and build strong relationships that will mutually benefit you and everyone else.

Big Love. Rodders