Classic film and tv 7 days a week.


Heads up if you enjoy YouTube or audio podcasts. I’m currently hitting classic film and tv review based content on YouTube, Soundcloud and iTunes. 

In a bid to help fund future indie film and online series projects I’ve went back to my roots of review content. I love getting the change to create indie projects but unfortunately it costs a lot of money out of your own pocket to do so.

There is a support option on my website through Patreon but the best way for me to fund these projects is to produce free to consume content for you guys. All you need to do is subscribe for free to YouTube or follow the podcast version on either Soundcloud or iTunes. On YouTube I need you to watch the entire video. Hits no longer help in pushing videos up the search engine, the algorithm favours watch time only. 

Right now I’m working through 3 classic box sets. 



Realistically if I can build the channel It could support creation through the YouTube partner program. Plus there is always the option of sponsorships on all 3 platforms. 

It wont all be classic tv and film though. As often as possible I’ll be sharing as much entertainment news as possible.

You can subscribe here.

Here are some thumbnails of other upcoming series on the review channel.



I look forward to see you all on the channel. 

Big Love Rodders.