Biggest project to date


As an indie creator you always dream of making a massive project but in reality when you sit down to write something you tend to try and craft projects around the budget you don’t have. I find myself normally writing on an extremely small scale only allowing for things I know I can get my hands on. This aspect of indie is annoyingly restrictive but unavoidable when you have zero budget to work with. 

Frustrated with this reality I decided some time ago that screw it. I’m going to write something that is beyond the scale of what zero budget can do. that’s what Masquerade is. 

The idea is an ex police officer turned private investigator returns to his home town in Ireland. On arriving he finds out his childhood friend has been arrested for the massacre of 17 people. Starting his own investigation with an unlikely sidekick he uncovers a sinister organisation hiding in plain site.

Originally this started out life as a short 10 minute film idea but i wasn't happy and thought it needed a little more. I started to rewrite the script which lead to a 45 minute script which seemed like a good first episode to a longer series. This will be a series i'll have to try to pitch as in in sheer size it's far to big to produce on my own.

This project right now is sheer pushing whimsy. I’ve no idea if this will ever get made but you never know to you try. 

I think that after 7 zero budget shorts it’s time to stop screwing about at a zero budget level when it comes to film. 

Here’s to the law of attraction. I’m putting it out there. Let’s see when it goes.  

Big Love Rodders