Why the change to Entertainment Network?


For years I’d work off the brand simply being Jpm Films Worldwide but in the last couple of years I felt there was a change needed. After all you do need to change to get where you want to go. 



I’ve a wide variety of interests when it comes to creating content. Originally when I launched the Old Jpm Films Worldwide YouTube channel it was intended for short film content only but there has never been the output to make that kind of channel sustainable. When I wasn’t doing that I’d make review videos as well as Vlogs and very once in a while audio podcasts, plus there was our original online series Worthless Insanity. 

The channel had become cluttered with so many different types of content subscribers that were coming in for the short films were leaving because that wasn’t happening. Everything needed it’s own place so that was one reason I made the switch to Jpm Films Worldwide Entertainment Network. 

The other reason and the one I’m more excited about is that I hope one day in the future I could perhaps help other creators launch channels of their own. See the network is only me right now using 5 different outlets to upload my content but why should it just be me. I’m thinking back on how hard it is to be seen starting out and how frustrating that gets. I’ve seen multiple creators with unreal talent give up over the years because they feel no one is watching.  

I’m still a long way off this but I’m hoping when I grow my content to a big enough level that I can use my channels and website to help new creators have a place to showcase their talent as part of this network. 

Its a dream that I hope will come true one day. I know what’s it’s like to struggle alone for the most part to get seen and would like to be there to help others not feel that way.  

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Big Love Rodders