No straight line to success

I recently seen a video where Jay Shetty used a brilliant example. Thought I’d share a version of it with you. 

Everyone would love to be successful and they would love it to come easily. We imagine a straight line towards where we want to go but there is one thing that will inevitably happen. We will encounter resistance along the way. There will be ups and downs. When this happens we start to lose our motivation and we may decide to give up. But think of life like this.  

Think of a heart monitor. When we are alive the line is all ups and downs. 


But what does it mean when the heart monitor shows a straight line?


That’s right. A straight line only happens we we die. 

If we are experiencing ups and downs we are living life. You can do anything you want to do just don’t stop too long because there is another thing that is inevitable in life. The straight line on the heart monitor will happen to us all.  

Dont let em stop you

Big Love Rodders