Make your content sustainable


If you are considering becoming a content creator it’s important to build a strong foundation. Best way to do that is to begin with content you can keep sustainable. 

If you are serious about succeeding at content creation such as YouTube or audio podcasting you will need to work around a full time job as you build your content channels.

One of the biggest mistakes I made at the beginning was to start out creating content that needed at least 3 people to make. Being a content creator it takes a long time before you start to make an income from it. Unfortunately that generally means that people that start out with you tend to drop off along the way as life gets in the way, and that’s ok. They need to look after their own financial well-being first.  

Best thing to do at the beginning is to create content that you can make quickly and easily on you own such as personal video blogs or reviews as I do. This way you will have a foundation that is built on your own sustainable content that doesn’t need massive amounts of planning or people to pull off. 

Its worth keeping in mind that once you do begin to create bigger pieces of content that requires more people to make. The followers and subscribers that content brings your way will be expecting that level of content on a regular basis, so I’d really recommend that you only jump to that level once you are certain that you can make that level sustainable. 

We must walk before we can run.  

Get out there and start creating your content and enjoy the journey. Most importantly have fun with it.

Big Love Rodney.