A reason to start a YouTube channel


There are a mountain of good reasons to start a YouTube channel . I’m going to be doing a video series on it soon on my vlog channel.

One of the best reasons to start a channel is that it’s an incredibly good educational experience when trying to find your audience. It’s a great way to learn what you can and can not do legally when it comes to creating videos. When I started my first YouTube channel back in 2007 I made every mistake in the book. When the partner program was opened up to everyone I jumped onto the creator academy to see what I could legally do. Honestly a lot of it is common sense but there were also a good few things I’d not even considered. 

Also when starting a YouTube channel we tend to assume who is going to support us. I know I did at the beginning, I’d create content that was catered towards people I knew in a way I thought they would enjoy. I’ve found that almost all of the support I’ve had on my channels have come from all over the world. The least amount of support is from my own country and friends. That sounds really sad but true. In all fairness that is the Northern Ireland mentality, we don’t tend to be overly supportive of each other. 

Thats a really hard pill to swallow but one truth You’ll be glad you discover early in a channel. It gives you the freedom to create your content free from the worries of what people will or will not like. You’ll be able to find your own voice instead of trying to please people. As long as you play by the rules you stand to eventually begin to make an income from your content as you find the viewers that will watch and encourage you along the way.   

Starting a channel properly can be a very long process but one that will be very fulfilling in the long run. In fact some of my favourite memories from creating online content haven’t come from the money making side of it. They’ve come from the personal connections and experiences people have shared of the content I’ve produced. One man shared with me that one of my earliest series Worthless Insanity helped him stay positive through his cancer treatment. He said it gave him something to look forward to every week. Having lost both my parents to cancer that meant the world for me to hear. Another short film I was involved with Weapon of Choice gave one of my friends the courage to get herself out of an abusive relationship. 

Get yourself out there and make your content and above all be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not.  People will watch you for you.  

Big Love Rodney.