Consistently create your content.


This is probably something that doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway. You really need to try to be consistent in creating your content whatever it may be. I’m still not great at being consistent myself but it’s something I’m getting better at the longer I do it.  

If you are interested in creating online content you really need to aim to upload at the very least once a week. The algorithm for YouTube right now favours creators that upload more regularly. Now I know this will most likely bring up the old argument about quantity over quality but in reality if your trying to make a mark in online content the truth is that if you are not cranking out content on a regular basis you are pissing into the wind. 

You can go for quantity without sacrificing quality. It’ll just take a bit of time to find your routine especially at the start when you are trying to balance work life and family life with the work you want to do.  

In reality you may only find a window of a couple of hours in the evening to work at your content so it’s important to find a way to make the most of those few hours. At the beginning we all tend to get into a habit of filming, editing then uploading one project at a time.  I’d recommend pre recording as much content as possible in advance so that you can bank some uploads. If you are aiming to upload once a week and if your content isn’t time sensitive you could record a few weeks content in one sitting, that way you’ll get into a habit of always being a front of your work. This way if work or family life needs more attention you wont be falling behind on your online work. It’s worth remembering that if you have already been building a following online and you take a month off you in reality give yourelf a setback of at least 6 months. A year off could also kill a channels following completely. 

Its different for everyone and you need to find what works best for you but if you are serious about doing something like this there is no reason at all why it can’t happen for you as long as you are consistent.

get out there and make your content. 

Big Love. Rodney