Do it for the Love not the money


Ask a successful creator what their secret is they will tell you that they use their passion and love alone to make everything and that they would make it for free if they had to. Don’t let making money be the one reason why you start as a content creator.

Think about that for a second. Don’t let making money be the one reason to start? They’d create for free if they had to? We can all understand using your passion and love. The sceptics among us will always say “Of course they say that. They are making a living from the content they make”

Here’s the thing. All those successful creators were once in the same place we are. Not making money. Working a full time job then going home to start recording videos or podcasts. No one listened to or watched their content in the beginning. Just like all of us they from time to time wanted to quit out of frustration. But here’s their secret. They didn’t use making money as the reason to keep going. They let the passion and love they had for creating content keep them motivated to keep making things for the 5 or 6 people that always listened and watched. Another thing they did when creating all their content was to make it as if they were already making money. They allowed for the possibility of one day they’d make it to where they are now. 

So get up make your art and upload it for the love of doing it and creating in a way that can be monetised one day. Eventually your audience will find you, watch, listen and support you.

You never know. One day you could be that person that new creators look at and think “I wish I could be like them. 

Big Love Rodney