Going Multi Platform


When we start out as creators we generally see ourselves as one thing. Maybe you see yourself as a filmmaker or a Podcaster. Or maybe you see yourself as the next big YouTuber.

Point is we almost all fall into the trap of only doing the one thing. That’s ok if that works for you. I thought that a few years back. I had a YouTube channel that was starting to reach a point where it was beginning to start paying out the first of its ad revenue. I was thinking yes this is starting to work, but I was wrong.  See no matter how hard you try you can’t please everyone. Biggest problem the channel had was I was creating content that was varied, I had videos, podcasts, short films and event video projects. Subscribers coming in for one kind of content were leaving again because they weren’t getting the content they came for on a regular basis. 

Kiss of death for the channel came with my short film Conclusions. It was a story based on suicide awareness which brought on some extreme backlash. I’ll not go into much detail on that as most of the conversation took place via email and DM’s. Everyone is entitled to privacy and as a serious creator I intend to take privacy policy seriously. 

What I can say is people can get really nasty when you create content on suicide awareness no matter now tastefully and respectfully you deal with it. I fully respect the feelings of anyone who has ever had to deal with the effects of suicide on their families. A great deal of the backlash to Conclusions came from some people that had supported the channel for years. They were behind me 100% as far as Vlogs and podcasts went but when it came to this short film they were enraged. Some started trouble, others stirred the trouble and one was intent on shutting down the channel. That’s all the info I can give you without breaching privacy. 

I’m not bitter about it. In fact I’m glad that it happened as it showed me the weakness I had as a content creator. I’d put all my eggs in one basket. All the projects that had been supported were now under threat by one project. 

I made the choice to pull the plug on that one channel before I got shut down. Better to restart on the stronger business model than get potentially barred from YouTube due to a small group of people. Conclusions has proven to be the most expensive short film I’ve ever made. It cost me a 10 year old channel and my faith in the church and it’s people. 

I’ve now realised that the best way to at least try to make it as a content creator is to go multi platform. If you are only putting your content out on one platform you are only reaching one audience. 

If you simply share a video to Facebook from YouTube you may get some more views but you almost never get those viewers to subscribe on YouTube, but what would happen if you uploaded that video directly to Facebook? You are now reaching 2 separate audiences on 2 separate platforms. What if the audio from your video could work as an audio podcast? You could upload that to soundcloud, iTunes or another podcast sharing platform. There you go. You do the work once and share it out on multiple platforms to multiple audiences. 

You are now working smarter not harder and reaching more and more people than ever before. Plus you are safeguarding you content as your eggs are no longer in one basket. Think about going multi platform with your content it’s been the best decision I’ve made so far.

Big Love Rodders