Podcasts are back


Lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time re editing my Vlogs and review videos to work on the Facebook platform which means I’ve had to postpone creating new Vlogs and Reviews so that I can get YouTube and Facebook video working together as one.

Upside to this is its gives me a little time to put some more work into some of my podcasts during rendering and uploading videos. It’s been a great chance to pre record some episodes to cover incoming weeks especially with my trip to America only a couple of weeks away. 

Current upload schedule is Wednesday 8pm GMT for The Here’s Rodders Podcast and Thursday 8pm GMT for Stories of Ireland. 

For Stories of Ireland I’m hoping that I can begin to get guests on the show to share interesting and funny stories, or maybe local Irish legends or ghost stories. If you or anyone you know would be interested in getting on Stories of Ireland feel free to email the show at storiesofireland@gmail.com with the subject line “podcast guest”

If you are a content creator or indie filmmaker I’d love the chance to get you on The Here’s Rodders Podcast. For that email rodders@jpmfilmsworldwide.com with the subject line  “podcast guest”

My current studio set up if fully Mobile and can be set up in a matter of minutes so I can travel to record interviews. Or I could also work interviews over Skype calls.

This is an area of content creation I’d love to spend more time working on.  

Big Love Rodney.