New policy for collaboration 2019


Collaboration is an essential part in growing as a content creator. Unfortunately opportunities to collaborate with other creators are few and far between where I’m currently located but I’m always on the lookout for good mutual partnerships in a collaborative way. 

As I enter 2019 I’ve been reevaluating the way past collaborations have gone. Each of them have been good for experiences and I regret none of them but most of them haven’t really given me the results I’d have hoped for. Keeping this in mind I’ve come up with a new policy moving forward with my own regular creation as well as looking for collaborators. 

From here on I’ll only consider collaborating with other creators based on if they are 100%  serious in really giving what there want to receive. You see in the past I’ve had more than one experience where I’ve given a lot of help to others without getting anything in return. I will only collaborate with people who are regularly active and respectful on my YouTube channels and podcasts. That way I’m getting the benefit of views and listens that cost the other person absolutely nothing and they get the same from me. 

Let’s make this a year that wil mutually benefit us all. 

Big Love Rodders.