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I hope that this film will help someone somewhere. This has been a passion project of mine for a lot of years now and i'm so happy to be finally sharing it with you. On the subject of sharing if you happen to be a charity or event planner and think this film could help someone i'm offering it for free. Yes you did read that right. "FREE"

When we shot Conclusions i made sure that all the legalities were covered so that it could be shown anywhere with no problems. If you are interested in getting hold of your own copy please email me at and simply ask for a copy. I'm not going to start waving the copyright banner if i hear this film has been shown anywhere, all i ask is that you show it in its original cut.


My friend Paul Black and i shot this early concept for pitching the film on indiegogo. This is part of the opening scene in the film which would later be redone in the finished film. Paul also retired to act in the lead of the film.

I got interviewed for the film on local radio station Q-Radio Mid Ulster. I'm sure you could hear the nerves in my voice.

Sadly the crowd sourced funding on Indiegogo wasn't successful in reaching its target but i did raise enough to cover the legal costs and feed the cast and crew who were really helpful and worked for free on the film, most of whom i met through the North Coast Film Collective who meet first tuesday of each month in The Playhouse Portrush.

 You can contact North Coast Film Collective on facebook run by Philip Henry

You can contact North Coast Film Collective on facebook run by Philip Henry


Paul Black

Acted as lead Character Jason

Also wrote and recorded the music of Conclusions


Annie McCarroll

Acted as Kate


Neill Virtue

Acted as Aaron


Adam Quigley-Nixon

Acted as Darren


Gillian Park

Acted in a supporting role


Stacey Dickie

Acted in a supporting role

Shot the behind the scenes video


Frank Corr

Director of Photography


Chris Roberts

Sound Engineer


Stephen McDonnell

Recorded the behind the scenes video along with Stacey Dickie

With the help of all these guys to whom i will be eternally grateful we finally went into production on Conclusions.


And now please sit back and check out the full finished film. Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Conclusions